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Free Yogurt For National Frozen Yogurt Day (February 6, 2021)

Celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day (Feb. 6) with free frozen yogurt and more. Find out where to celebrate at

I love frozen yogurt. It gets a bad rap because, well, it’s not ice cream. But frozen yogurt places are amazing because they have a ton of toppings for your yogurt … which ice cream shops don’t have. That’s part of why we had a local yogurt chain as the dessert at our rehearsal dinner. So of course I had to put together this round up of free yogurt for National Frozen Yogurt Day.

Because yes, that’s a thing. There’s a day for everything, honestly, so you shouldn’t be surprised. This is one of the better national days, though, because this one involves free food. And, as you’ve heard me say a million time, free food is the best food.

This year, National Frozen Yogurt Day being celebrated on Saturday, February 6, 2021.

Hope your stomach is ready.

Deals & Free Yogurt For National Frozen Yogurt Day

All deals are valid on February 6 only unless otherwise noted.

16 Handles

Free 3oz. of frozen yogurt for rewards members on February 6. If you make an additional purchase on February 6, you’ll get a credit in your account for $5 towards a purchase, valid from February 7 to 28.


Nothing on February 6, but some locations celebrated with buy one, get one free yogurt on February 2.

Orange Leaf

BOGO frozen yogurt all day.


Use the code BOGOSOCIAL on online orders to get one swirl free when you buy one.

Red Mango

Pay $5 for any yogurt all day.

Stewart’s Shops

Get a half gallon Raspberry Fudge Torte frozen yogurt for just $3.39 (until 2/7/21).


Loyalty members can get buy one, get one free frozen yogurt, all day long.


Free 6oz of frozen yogurt from 2pm to 6pm.


Nothing this year.


Your first 5oz of froyo is free, all day long.

Frozen Yogurt Recipes

Both of these recipes involve freezing yogurt. I did use Greek yogurt in them, but you can use plain, non-Greek yogurt if you’d prefer. And, speaking of Greek yogurt, National Greek Yogurt Day is in November. And yes, I’ll be celebrating that one for sure.

How are you celebrating National Frozen Yogurt Day 2021?

And, if you know that your local frozen yogurt is celebrating today, be sure to leave us a comment to let us know where it is and what the deal is. We’ll be sure to add them to add them to post.


Thursday 6th of February 2020

This looks so good. I love Fro-Yo!