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National Frozen Yogurt Day Freebies & Deals (Updated for 2023)

Celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day 2023 (February 6) with free frozen yogurt and more. Find out where to celebrate in this post.

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Frozen yogurt with lots of toppings and the words "National Frozen Yogurt Day Freebies & Deals" digitally written above it.

I like frozen yogurt. It gets a bad rap because, well, it’s not ice cream. But frozen yogurt places are amazing because they have a ton of toppings for your yogurt … which ice cream shops don’t have. That’s part of why we had a local yogurt chain as the dessert at our rehearsal dinner. So of course I had to put together this round up of free yogurt for National Frozen Yogurt Day.

Because yes, that’s a thing. There’s a day for everything, honestly, so you shouldn’t be surprised. This is one of the better national days, though, because this one involves free food. And, as you’ve heard me say a million time, free food is the best food.

This year, National Frozen Yogurt Day being celebrated on Monday, February 6, 2023.

Before we get to the deals, let’s chat a little bit about frozen yogurt.

A calendar open to June 2023 with the words "Top 20+ National Days For Freebies And Deals" digitally written on top.

National Frozen Yogurt Day is just one of the fun National Days that restaurants and shops celebrate annually. Check out our list of the Top 20+ National Days For Freebies And Deals to make sure you don’t miss any fun days this year.

An Oikos yogurt container in the store.

Can I just freeze yogurt to make frozen yogurt?

For lack of a better answer, sure. You can just freeze yogurt to make frozen yogurt. Will it taste as great as the frozen yogurt from a shop, maybe.

See, you can freeze plain yogurt. You can’t free Greek yogurt. I mean, you can physically put it in the freezer and it will freeze. But, once it starts to thaw, it’s not creamy. It’s more crystalized. So, if you’re trying to make your own frozen yogurt from Greek yogurt, it won’t work as well as if you freeze regular yogurt.

Either way, don’t forget all the delicious toppings to make your homemade frozen yogurt fun.

How is frozen yogurt different from ice cream?

To start, the ingredients are different. Both have dairy and sugar as ingredients. But, ice cream uses cream as its base. Frozen yogurt uses cultured milk (or yogurt) as its base.

The process that’s used to make them is different as well. Ice cream is churned until it’s frozen and frozen yogurt is heated, then cooled.

Deals & Free Yogurt For National Frozen Yogurt Day

Affiliate links are included in this post and Drugstore Divas may make a small commission if you use them.

All deals are valid on February 6 only unless otherwise noted.

16 Handles

In the past, 16 Handles has offered free 3oz. of frozen yogurt for rewards members on February 6. But, nothing has been announced for 2023 yet.

Fuzzy Peach

Every day in February, including National Frozen Yogurt Day, you can save 15% off your total from 2 pm to 3 pm at the Fuzzy Peach in Leland, North Carolina).

We’re not sure if this applies to Grubhub orders (because yes, The Fuzzy Peach is on Grubhub).

Let’s Yo Yogurt

The brand’s Facebook page says, “We can’t wait to see you next Monday to celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day” but it doesn’t actually mention a deal. (Yes, the same message as Yogurtini and U-Swirl.)

Let’s Yo Yogurt has three New Jersey locations: Hamilton, Marlboro, and Montclair.


Buy one, get one free yogurt all day.

Orange Leaf

In the past, BOGO frozen yogurt all day, but it hasn’t announced anything for 2023 yet.


Pinkberry hasn’t announced anything for 2023, but there’s a rumor going around that you can get BOGO yogurt if you mention that to a crew member.

Red Mango

Pay $6 for any yogurt all day.

Stewart’s Shops

Nothing yet.


Loyalty members can get buy one, get one free frozen yogurt, all day long.


Free 6 oz. of frozen yogurt all day long.

U-Swirl Frozen Yogurt

The brand’s Facebook page says, “We can’t wait to see you next Monday to celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day” but it doesn’t actually mention a deal. (Yes, the same message as Yogurtini and Let’s Yo Yogurt.)

U-Swirl has a dozen US locations, from California to Mississippi, including four in Las Vegas.

Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt

Save $1.50 on Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt (any variety, any size) through Ibotta.

Yogurt Mountain

App users can get buy one, get one free yogurt when scanning the coupon in the app (valid February 4 to 6).


Buy one, get one free all day. Plus, Real Rewards members will earn triple points.

Yogurtini Self Serve

The brand’s Facebook page says, “We can’t wait to see you next Monday to celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day” but it doesn’t actually mention a deal. (Yes, the same message as Let’s Yo Yogurt and U-Swirl.)

Yogurtini has 16 locations, mostly in the midwest (between Arizona and Missouri) and one in Doha, Qatar.


Buy one, get one free all day.

Strawberry Yogurt Bark.

Frozen Yogurt Recipes

Both of these recipes involve freezing yogurt. I did use Greek yogurt in them, but you can use plain, non-Greek yogurt if you’d prefer. Speaking of Greek yogurt, National Greek Yogurt Day is in November. And yes, I’ll be celebrating that one for sure.

And, if you know that your local frozen yogurt joint is celebrating today, be sure to leave us a comment to let us know where it is and what the deal is. We’ll be sure to add them to add them to post.

A box of Clio Greek Yogurt Mini Bars.

Order Frozen Yogurt Online:

If you don’t feel like going out for froyo, but now you want some, you can just order frozen yogurt online with the following delivery services:

National Frozen Yogurt Day: Frequently Asked Questions

When is National Frozen Yogurt Day?

National Frozen Yogurt Day is February 6. It’s always celebrated on this day, unlike some other national holidays that change their dates from year to year.

Why is today National Frozen Yogurt Day?

National Frozen Yogurt Day has a little bit of a tricky history.

The International Frozen Yogurt Association (IFYA) created International Frozen Yogurt Day and decided to celebrate it on February 6. TCBY (The Country’s Best Yogurt) decided to start celebrating National Frozen Yogurt day in June in 1993.

Sometime between 1993 and now, those two days merged and only the date in February (when it’s honestly too cold in most places to actually eat frozen anything) is celebrated.

Find out more about National Frozen Yogurt Day’s history via that link.

How are you celebrating National Frozen Yogurt Day 2023?


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