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Winter Bathroom Essentials For Men #DoveCaresForMen #ad

This post, Winter Bathroom Essentials For Men, is sponsored by Mirum Shopper. Opinions are 100% my own.

#ad Changing your bathroom supplies with the season? Check out these winter bathroom essentials for men from #DoveCaresForMenWhen we start thinking about winter, women tend to think about products we need. It’s time to find a more hydrating lotion for our dry hands and an exfoliating scrub for that dead skin. But what about the man in your life. He needs a few new products to update his bathroom routine for winter too. So when you’re out shopping, keep him in mind.

What, exactly, does your man need, though? Sometimes, it feels like it’s just guessing and picking up random products that say “men” on them, right? I sat Pete down and asked him what his picks for winter bathroom essentials for men are.

Winter Bathroom Essentials For Men

Body Wash
Pete used soap until he met me and I introduced him to body wash. He hasn’t looked back. What’s great about Dove Men+Care products is that you can purchase a body and face wash. It’s the same bottle. It takes up less room in the shower, plus it eliminates the need for a second face wash in the shower.

Bar Soap
If your man prefers bar soap, stock him up on that instead. Dove Men+Care has body and face bars, similar to the dual-purpose body wash. It just makes life easier and your shower less cluttered.

Pete actually makes his own shampoo. If your man doesn’t, pick him up some good shampoo — especially if his hair is going to be stuck under a hat for a good portion of the winter. You don’t want it to be completely flat when his hat comes off. Oh sure, your man could use yours, but if you’re like me, your shampoo is some sort of sweet smelling scent. Men don’t want that.


Lotion & Shaving Cream
Before a man shaves, it’s a good idea to put lotion on his neck. Then, he’ll put shaving cream on top of so he can have a shave without razor burn. Razor burn actually is worse for some people in the winter than any other time of year, so this two-step method will really help your man out.

A Good Razor
Regardless of if your man shaves in or out of the shower, he’ll want a good razor to do it. An old razor can end up with dull blades, plus dead skin in those blades. Gross. So while you’re updating his products, you’ll want to update his razor too.

Face Wash
Go with a separate face wash, one he can keep around the sink. It’ll be easier for him to wash off the sweat from his brow after being bundled up all day. Winter sweat, it’s worse than summer sweat.

It’s still so warm in  the winter in North Carolina that deodorant is still a must at all times. Stick or spray, it doesn’t matter. As long as your man has one available. And preferably a new one. Deodorants don’t last forever.

It’s nice to smell nice. If your man likes to, cologne is the way to go. A new scent for a new season is great too. I vote for something a bit or musky or woodsy, but you have to see what works for your man.

Blow dryer
In the winter, it’s a good habit to dry your hair before you leave the house. You don’t want to leave with cold hair. Trust me. I do it too much. So making sure your blow dryer is out of hiding and accessible by your man is a great thing!

Just because you’re stocking your man up doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot. This week, there’s a buy one, get one 50% off participating Dove Men+Care products offer at CVS. This includes hair care, body and face two-bar packs, 13.5 oz. body wash, and deodorant. Plus, check your local paper for additional savings. You can find coupons for $1 off 1 Body and Face Bar and Body Wash, $3 off 2 Body and Face Bar and Body Wash, and $2 off 1 Hair Care Product.

Comment below and let us know what winter bathroom essentials for men you would add to the list.


Wednesday 23rd of November 2016

It's refreshing to see men's body care needs being discussed. Your man must feel appreciated.