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10+ Gifts For Poker Players

Need a gift for a poker player? This list of 10+ Gifts For Poker Players, with ideas like mugs and wallets, will help.

For more shopping help, check out all of our gift guides.

Shopping for a poker player? This list of 10+ Gifts For Poker Players list will help. Find it on

My family loves playing cards. Growing up, my grandma would always teach us cards games and we’d play them at every family get together. Of all the games, though, I was never good at poker. So this list of the top gifts for poker players? Not for me.

See, we played poker Thanksgiving and I was out pretty early. It was fine with me because I just want to talk and socialize anyway, and you can’t do that in poker. You have to really have a strategy and bluff and I’m just not very good at that at all. Plus, I’m not sure when to raise a lot and when to raise a little. I asked too many questions when it was my turn, so I guess that’s my tell.

And then, I’m really bad at remembering what beats what. Which is better: a full house or a straight flush? I have no idea. When we play Michigan Rummy, there’s a poker hand section on the board. And Pete and I use a cheat sheet to figure out if our hands are good or not.

You can’t have a cheat sheet in actual poker.

If you can remember what beats what, or have a family member who loves poker, this gift guide is for you.

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10+ Gifts For Poker Players

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This list is titled gifts for poker players, but it would work as gifts for card players too. Because poker isn’t the only card game out there.

Gamblers Cork Coasters

How fun are these Gamblers Cork Coasters? I love how bold the design is. Personally, I wish one of the doubles was a 10 so you could have a straight, but everyone likes picture cards, so I can see why the designer did what he did.

When your poker lover friend passes them out to other players, no one will be holding them at the same time, so maybe no one will notice.

Except me. So don’t invite me over for a drink.

Casino Card Shot Glasses

If your poker loving friend also loves shots, these Casino Card Shot Glasses are perfect. They’re disposable and made of plastic, but I would honestly wash and reuse them.

But that’s just me. I hate throwing away anything adorable. Or reusable. Or both.

The Tao Of Poker: 285 Rules to Transform Your Game and Your Life by [Larry W Phillips]

The Tao Of Poker

Kenny Rogers sang, “You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.” And that’s an ambiguous line about poker and life, right? Or maybe it’s not ambiguous. Honestly, it’s fairly obvious what he means there.

But, I digress.

Anyway … if you can relate a lot about poker to life, and vice versa, and that’s what The Tao Of Poker gets at too.

Pocket Aces T-Shirt

I don’t know much about poker hand rankings, but I do know that Pocket Aces is the best way to start a game (that’s when you’re dealt two Aces … just in case you know less about poker than I do).

So this Pocket Aces T-shirt is really good play on words. It comes in five colors and men’s and women’s sizes, so you can definitely find one to fit your poker fan.

Poker Chip Display Case

I collect poker chips from different casinos. Just because I don’t play poker doesn’t mean I don’t play other table games.

If your poker lover loves poker chips, this Poker Chip Display Case is a really great gift idea. Just don’t get it for me. I’d need about 10 of these and even that wouldn’t fit my collection.

Playing Card Suit Shaped Cookie Cutters

I actually own these Playing Card Suit Shaped Cookie Cutters.

I bought them for a friend for Christmas, never ended up seeing her at Christmastime, unwrapped them around Easter, and they’ve been in my baking drawer ever since. I’ve had these longer than I’ve had Pete, so that tells you how old they are.

But, I did think they were that great of a gift for a poker lover because that’s who I bought them for originally.

Coin purse made from playing cards.

Coin Purse Made From Playing Cards

I can’t even explain to you how much I love this Coin Purse Made From Playing Cards. It’s made from actual cards.

If my grandma was still alive, I would 100% be buying her this for Christmas. She’s not, so you should buy it for your grandma if you can.

Poker - I Don't Even Fold My Laundry | Funny Card Player Texas Hold Em T-Shirt

I Don’t Even Fold My Laundry T-Shirt

This I Don’t Even Fold My Laundry T-Shirt has me laughing so much.

If you know even a little bit about poker, it should make you laugh too. So of course, you should definitely pick it up for your poker loving friend. It only comes in one color and is a unisex shirt that comes in medium to 3XL.

Lavley Lucky Socks - Cool Novelty Dress Socks for Men and Women - Good Luck and Poker Colors

All In Poker Socks

It’s rare that I make one of these gifts lists without adding a pair of socks. Fun socks are always my go to gift idea. So of course, these All In Poker Socks had to make this list of poker gifts.

These ones have cards, poker chips, and card suits on them, which is so much fun. Maybe they’ll be your friend’s lucky socks.

Stuck in Glass Up the Ante 10 oz Whiskey Glass | Poker Chip | Original Handcrafted Embedded Barware | Black

Up The Ante Whiskey Glass

I absolutely love this Up The Ante Whiskey Glass. It’s one of the best gifts for poker players who also like a little sip of an adult beverage from time to time.

The poker chip looks thrown into the side of the glass. Which is actual glass. It’s so fun and will definitely be your poker fan’s favorite drinking vessel.

Just suggest that it gets filled up with water during poker games. No one wants to be impaired during a very important poker game.

Credit Card Size Casino Poker Shaped Bottle Opener (1)

Playing Card Bottle Opener

We have a lot of bottle openers, which is great because any time someone needs one, we have one handy. So even if your poker lover has a bottle opener (or two), this Playing Card Bottle Opener is still a good gift because it’s one of the most useful poker-related gifts on this list.

This one is shaped like a playing card, and the spade in the center is actually the bottle opener. How fun.

Poker Mug

This Poker Mug has a long — but truthful — phrase on the front of it. It says (deep breath), “I might look like I am listening to you, but in reality I am replaying my last poker hand.”

And, man, that’s the truth.

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