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How To Throw A Great Star Wars Rebels Birthday Party

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star wars rebels birthdayThemed parties are so popular. I blame Pinterest. You can get so many ideas there that the logical thing to do is DIY birthday parties with crazy themes.

But what if you want something a little easier, where you don’t have to make it all?

We understand. We’ve been bringing you posts on how to throw themed birthday parties. And we have another great one for you.

How To Throw A Great Star Wars Rebels Birthday Party

Star Wars parties are a lot easier when you can just go to one site and pick up all the Star Wars Party Supplies you need.

Start with invitations. That will let your guests know that it is, indeed, a themed party. You can use these Star Wars Rebels invitations. They come in a pack of eight for $3.99. What cool is that they match these party cups and paper plates. If you have themed paper goods, you don’t really have to worry about hunting for any themed foods or drinks. Just serve juice and pizza and you’ll look like a party hero. You can even get everything in this party kit.

If you want some Star Wars Rebel decorations, check out this Star Wars plastic tablecover. It will look cute — and will protect your table from party guests.

What other items would you add to make your party great?

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