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Tasty Thursdays: How To Turn Cupcakes Into Cake Balls

We had two dozen cupcakes the other day, but there’s only so many cupcakes two people can eat.

So I did what any person with a dozen cupcakes to eat would do.

I turned cupcakes into cake balls.

It’s so easy to do. Plus, it’s a lot easier to find room in the freezer for cake balls than it is for cupcakes. Cupcakes in the freezer take up a lot of real estate.

So, what do you do?

Start off by making the cupcakes as you usually would. Make them from scratch, use a mix, it doesn’t matter. Serve them at your party and then use the leftovers to follow the steps below.

Peel off the cupcake wrappers and throw the cupcakes, frosting and all, into a bowl.

Mash up the cupcakes.

Add a few heaping spoonfuls of frosting to the mashed up cupcakes.


The end.

If you don’t have extra cupcakes on hand, you can do this with a cake too. Just bake the cake as you usually would, then, when it cools, break it into chunks and follow the rest of the steps. If your cake isn’t already frosted, you’ll want to add another scoop or so of frosting but other than that, you’re good.

Aria H.

Friday 3rd of January 2014

Put a stick in them, and you can display them in your tiered cupcake holder!