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How To Save Your Damaged Cell Phone

This How To Save Your Damaged Cell Phone post was sponsored by Gazelle.

#ad Did you drop your phone in water? Find out how to save your damaged cell phone in this post from remember when Pete dropped his phone in water. My heart sank. He ran to the bathroom to grab the hair dryer and I ran to the kitchen to pour a bowl of rice. What do you do if your phone falls in water? Do you have a rescue plan?

You can get some great tips on how to save your damaged cell phone, including the rice idea, from Gazelle.

How To Save Your Damaged Cell Phone

A quick run down of the steps (you can read the expanded version via the link above):

1. Remove it from water.

2. Turn it off.

3. Remove any parts you can (i.e., battery, cover, etc.).

4. Drain out any water.

5. Open the phone (if you’re feeling secure about that and if you have a phone that can be opened).

6. Dry it (this is where you can use rice or silica gel).

7. Wait a few days and then turn it on.

If all else fails, you can buy a used phone from Gazelle. Do you know the site?

Gazelle is a site that will buy back your old devices (although not ones that have gone swimming, I don’t think). You can also purchase gently-used phones at a lot less than a new phone would cost from your service provider.