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Yoga Essentials For Beginners

Yoga is such a good way to destress, work on flexibility, and sneak in some high quality “me time.”
If you’re just getting started, you’ll want to grab everything off this Yoga Essentials For Beginners list.

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A woman on a yoga mat with the words "Yoga Essentials For Beginners" digitally written above her.

A few years ago, when we were visiting Dirtbag Ales in Fayetteville, part of the day included beer yoga. For someone who owns multiple pairs of yoga pants, I do very little yoga. And by very little, I mean none since I was forced to do it in gym class in 10th grade.

Yoga was so much fun, though, so I’ve been thinking about it ever since. If you want to try it, you’ll want to pick up everything on our list of Yoga Essentials For Beginners.

You don’t need everything on this yoga equipment list, but it’s a good starting point.

And anyone who is a yoga pro, well, you probably have multiple of everything on this list (and you’re not looking at me to help).

Yoga Essentials For Beginners

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None of this stuff will make you a complete yogi. But it will get your started on your journey there.

A woman in workout clothes in a fitting room.

Yoga pants

Yoga pants might actually be the one thing on this list that you already own, so let’s start here. Why? Because they’re cozy. They’re perfect to sleep in, to lounge in … and believe it or not, to do yoga in.

I don’t know why I was so surprised at how well my yoga pants moved and stretched while I was actually doing yoga. That’s what they’re made for, so it makes sense. But it’s not something I think about when I’m wearing them while I sit at my office desk.

It should be noted that you also want a good workout top and sports bra for when you’re doing yoga too. The last thing you want to be thinking about is if you’re falling out of your shirt.

A woman sitting on a yoga mat during a yoga class.

Yoga mat

Believe it or not, a few weeks before we did yoga at Dirtbag Ales, I actually purchased a yoga mat. I had credit to spend on fitness equipment, and it fit in my budget. I had no idea that I would be using it so soon after.

So, when I got to Dirtbag Ales, I, literally, pulled the plastic off of my yoga mat.

Not too long after I went to Dirtbag Ales, Pete’s yoga mat ripped in half. “Oh, don’t worry,” I said. “You can have mine!” So now he uses a pretty pink yoga mat when he works out. It could be worse.

Yoga mat towel on top of a yoga mat.

Yoga Mat Towel

If you’re planning on doing any hot yoga, or just doing yoga outdoors where you can get sweaty (like goat yoga!), a Yoga Mat Towel is a necessity.

Even if you’re not generally sweaty when you do yoga, there’s a good chance you’ll get sweaty palms. And you risk slipping when you’re trying to hold a pose, especially if you’re new to yoga and not used to the poses. So having a yoga mat towel, so you can wipe your hands, is ideal.

It’s the same size as a yoga mat, so it’s really easy to roll it up with your mat and have it whenever you need it.

Two yoga blocks.

Yoga blocks

If you’re just starting yoga and don’t have all the stretch and flexibility in your body that a seasoned yogi does, using yoga blocks can be really helpful.

Yoga blocks act as an extension of your arms, so you don’t have to stretch as low to reach the ground. They also act as a support that helps your hips, head, and back while you’re in a pose.

Yoga blocks can come in bamboo, foam, cork, and other materials, and they all act in the same way. You just have to decide what’s more comfortable for you.

Yoga mat and yoga strap.

Yoga strap

If you’re just starting yoga, a yoga strap can be very useful to help you get the poses correct. It’ll help you stretch your legs properly, aiding in putting your body (legs and arms) in a proper position and getting into those hard-to-reach poses. Once you get the hang of yoga, you can probably do this easily without a yoga strap, but it’s a huge help to start.

Even after you’re not a beginner anymore, a yoga strap is super helpful with stretching after your workout.

Zak Planterra Bottle.

Water bottle

Yoga seems easy and all namaste and low effort. It’s not.

You’ve seen those amazing women who have one foot on the ground and the other over their heads while they’re atop the edge of a cliff, right? That’s not easy.

So you will probably break a sweat when you’re doing yoga. Be sure to have a water bottle handy so that you don’t get dehydrated and light headed.

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Cooling towel

We got a promotional cooling towel last year and it hasn’t left Pete’s side. (You can actually see it in the photo above.)

If you tie it around your head, it will keep sweat off of your face. If you dunk it in water, it will hold that cool indefinitely (it’s not forever, but it’s a lot longer than a traditional towel or a bandanna).

So, while a regular towel will be good, a cooling towel is exactly what you need for workouts and yoga.

Foam roller.

Foam roller

When you’re done with yoga, you’ll want to stretch out your back and muscles. I know, yoga stretches you out, but the foam roller gets rid of any tightness that’s left behind from yoga — which you’ll definitely have as a beginner.

You don’t need anything fancy. We have the most basic of black foam rollers and it’s great.

Yoga mat and three yoga wheels.

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