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Review: Christmas Ornament From Ornaments With Love

Drugstore Divas received this ornament for review. All thoughts and opinions belong to Drugstore Divas.

My mom started this really sweet tradition. Each year, she would buy a new Christmas ornament for me and my brothers. We would each get one and it would always hang on the tree. Then, when we were old enough to move out, her plan was to pass them along to us for our own trees. Trouble is, I live in an apartment with minimal storage (actually, it has quite a bit of storage, I just have a ton of stuff). So my box of ornaments is still waiting for me at my parents’ house and my ornaments go up on their tree.

So when Pete and I got engaged, I started getting us a couple ornaments a year. Each ornament has something to do with what we did that year. This year was the year we adopted Totes. So of course, I had to get an ornament with a black cat on it.

I found the Personalized Fireplace for Couple Christmas Ornament on Ornaments With Love. It is one of the few ornaments I found with a couple and one pet. It’s usually a single person and a lot of pets (no joke, you can find a crazy cat lady ornament) or a couple with a kid and a pet (don’t they realize couples need to have furbabies before real babies?).

When the ornament arrived, I was instantly in love with it. It has weight to it, which is great. The writing was clear — even though I was pretty wordy with what I wanted written on it.

I had left it on the table and next thing I knew, Totes had knocked it to the ground.

“This is for people, not cute little cats,” I told him (because, as I’ve mentioned before, I talk to him like he understands English). I picked the ornament up and moved it. Not too long later, I saw him chewing at the ribbon (he’s a cat; he loves anything that looks like string). I checked the ornament after and it was totally fine. There weren’t any cracks because of its fall from the table and there were no bite marks on the ribbon. If this can withstand a cat, it can withstand anything.

Ornaments with Love sells a ton of Christmas ornaments (the site boasts over 2,000 ornaments you can personalize). You can search by category or using the search bar. You can find ones for pregnant woman, pets, MLB teams, and more. If you can think of it, you can (most likely) find an ornament for it.

What’s your ornament for this year?

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