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Old Navy: Activewear Review (Crowdtap Sample & Share)

old navy1It’s June, which means it’s summer, which means my wedding is a year away. And that means I’m in wedding diet mode. I am trying to be conscious of what I eat and I need to start going to the gym.

I think Crowdtap and Old Navy know this because I was selected for the activewear sample and share. I got two coupons (one for me and another for a friend) for a free activewear top and bottom.

I went into Old Navy really unsure of what I would get. It’s summer, so I was thinking I should pick shorts, but I’ve never looked at Old Navy’s active shorts. I have two pairs of workout pants from Old Navy, which I just absolutely love, so I wasn’t sure if I should make them a trio or try shorts.

old navy2

I got to the Active by Old Navy section, and was heading for the shorts section when I got distracted. Waterbottles? Socks? Headbands? Sneakers?

Wait … sneakers? Old Navy sells sneakers?

Sure does. And all that other stuff above too. Although I have seen those other items in store in different facets, this is the first time that I saw sneakers. And you couldn’t miss them since all but the black pair was day-glo neon. I didn’t think to check the price on them, mostly because I feel comfortable sticking with my sneakers I already have.

I did definitely think that was an interesting find though.

old navy3

I finally made it to the shorts section and, while there were a variety to choose from, they were all in colors that I wasn’t excited by. Those orange and maroon items are great if you root for Virginia Tech, but since I don’t, I would have been a little happier with more traditional colors.

There were also spandex shorts which I picked up (picture coming later in the review). I’m a size XS in Old Navy, but I couldn’t imagine getting the spandex shorts on over one knee in XS.

I walked around, collected what I wanted, and headed into the fitting room.

old navy4

I took the spandex shorts in S (which are so tiny, they’re actually hidden behind the other shorts on the hook on the right side, if you can believe that). I also grabbed a couple tank tops and a shirt that my mom had gotten already.

Yes, my mom beat me to the store.

I sent my second coupon to her in New York, and she went shopping and sent me a photo — and actually went to the gym in her new workout clothes — before I even got a chance to head down to Old Navy to try my clothes on.

old navy5

The first outfit I tried on was the shirt that I was absolutely in love with when it was on the rack. It’s black and gray striped, and has a cute little bow tie at the bottom. It looks exactly like something I could wear on a night out (not date night, but just a typical night). It was so thin and breathable that I could definitely see wearing this on a treadmill and not passing out. I can definitely see wearing this out when I decide working out is not for me.

The shorts I’m wearing, if you can call them shorts, are the spandex ones. You can’t even see them. If you could see them, you would see they basically look as if they are painted on my body. Maybe they are something you can wear under a baggier pair of shorts, but they are absolutely not a pair that you should be wearing alone.

old navy7

So I placed those in the “I am absolutely not taking you home” pile and tried on another pair of shorts. I loved them. They’re gray and blue and have a mesh on both sides, so it’s really breathable. There’s a pocket inside them (which I took a photo of but for some reason, it disappeared off my phone) for your key, which is great if you’re wearing these out in public, running down the street, and need your hands free.

The back of the black and gray shirt is just as cute as the front of it (and, maybe it’s the diagonal stripes, but I look really skinning from the back. It’s definitely an improvement from the photo my cousin took of me the day before this where I look the size of a house. Guess these workout clothes really do work).

And oh, don’t mind the bra straps in the photo. It makes me feel like I do need to buy a razorback sports bra in order to wear this (hmm, sounds like an excuse to not go to the gym yet).

old navy6

I was in love with the top, but figured I should try another, just to make sure.

I tried this pink top on. It was cute, but it wasn’t anything fantastic. There’s a small pull on the bottom, so when you toggle it, it balloons in your stomach area. It’s just air, but it does make you appear fatter than you are. It’s like the rear view mirror, where objects appear at a different distance, some sort of optical illusion. And that’s find in a car mirror but not so fine when I’m looking at my body, which needs to be fitting into wedding dresses pretty soon.

So sorry pink shirt. I love pink, but you’re out.
old navy8

My last try was this gray shirt. I absolutely loved it. The material was amazing and hugged my body in such a way that I practically disappeared. I felt so comfortable and so skinny. Plus, it has sleeves, which meant no reason to go out and find a new bra. It wasn’t anything I could wear outside of the gym, which would mean I would actually have to go to the gym to enjoy it.

And that might actually have gotten me there.

There only trouble was …

old navy9

… someone else.

Yup, this is the exact shirt that my mom picked and was absolutely raving about. In fact, she loved it so much that she went back a few days later to pick it up in a few other colors.

When I had originally asked her if she wanted to have the coupon (since she had done an activewear share for Old Navy with me before), she said: “Yeah. I was just wearing the bottoms the other day and I was thinking, Wow, I got some really nice bottoms for free.”

So when she went this time, she decided to get the same bottoms. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. And that’s how I feel about Old Navy’s workout clothes. Aside from some questionable color choices (and those spandex shorts), I really love everything they have to offer so I will definitely keep stocking my workout wardrobe with Old Navy.

Now I just gotta get to the gym to wear them.

Drugstore Divas was provided with these coupons for this review, thanks to Old Navy and Crowdtap. All thoughts and opinions are my own.