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DIY: He “Popped” The Question Engagement Party Favors (Featuring Good Cook Lemon Keepers)


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You know me, I’m always in wedding mode. We still don’t have a venue yet, but I’m constantly thinking about the little things, like favors and centerpieces.

So when Good Cook challenged me to come up with a recipe/craft project using the new ProFreshonals Lemon Keeper, I couldn’t stop thinking about wedding favors.

My maid of honor was actually around when I received the box of lemon keepers from Good Cook for this challenge.


So we started brainstorming.

Could I give just lemons as a favor? No, that is too weird.

How about lemonade? No, too much of a risk of making a mess.

The keepers sort of looked like mini popcorn bowls … and they’re yellow. Yes, a popcorn favor.

Now, if you know me, you know I love all sorts of plays on words. For our engagement party favors, we gave out mints that said, “Lisa & Pete: mint to be”. I also wanted to give out popcorn with the phrase “he popped the question” but people told me it was too much.

So when these lemon keepers arrived, oh, my he popped the question idea was happening.

He popped the question engagement party favors


What You’ll Need:

Popcorn (I used kernels and popped it myself)

Lemon keepers


He popped the question print outs (see below for the template)

What You’ll Do:


Print out the template below. I only printed four on a page because my first two attempts printed so large, so I was getting worried about ink. What I ended up doing was making the template in MS Paint and then resizing it in Word. When I tried resizing in Paint, I was getting print outs that were the size of the page. Good for scrap paper; not good for this craft.


Cut out each image individually. Mine ended up being 2 inches by 1 inch, which is the perfect size for the lemon keepers.


lemon7 lemon8 lemon9

Make your popcorn.

If you’ve never actually done it from kernels, it’s really easy and a lot healthier than microwaved popcorn. You are able to control exactly what goes onto your popcorn, as far as salt and butter are concerned, and you’re not filling your bowl with chemicals. For this recipe/craft, I didn’t want to use microwaved popcorn because I didn’t want the grease to get all over the keepers. I didn’t top the popcorn either. It takes great just plain anyway, plus no one will eat this, touch their party clothes, and then ruin them.

Making popcorn is simple. Pour oil into the bottom of a pot that can be covered (I use a pressure cooker because I like the handle). Fill the bottom with a layer of kernels. Close the top. Put the burner on medium-high heat. Shake occasionally. Remove from heat when the popping stops.


Fill a bowl with the popcorn (I actually used a cantaloupe keeper from Good Cook)


Fill the top and the bottom of the lemon keeper with popcorn. If you only fill one side, the popcorn will just sit in the bottom and you won’t be able to see it through the top. Don’t worry about overfilling.


Close the top. If you wanna know, I actually held them both horizontally and met in the middle. It was easier than trying to put the top on top. If it doesn’t exactly fit, it’s okay. Popcorn is very forgiving. A little extra push may squeeze the kernels, but they’ll be fine.


Tape the printout to the lemon keeper and you’re done. I say tape because you don’t want to use glue and have it either one] seep into the popcorn or two] seep into the actual opening of the lemon keeper and seal it shut.

You also don’t have to worry about taping the keeper closed. These are designed to keep produce fresh so they will definitely stay closed with some popcorn inside.

Below you’ll find the template for the printout. To use it, save it as a jpg and open it in MS Word. From there, you can resize it to fit your needs and it will still hold the quality. You can also crop off the watermark for your personal use, but please don’t post it without the watermark.


As part of the Good Cook Kitchen Experts, I received the lemon keepers for this project.


Friday 30th of June 2023

I would love the he popped the question printable please.


Tuesday 4th of June 2013

Those are adorable!!! Those would make a cute baby shower gift. "She popped" :)

Alaina Bullock

Tuesday 4th of June 2013

Too cute! What a great idea! I love your play on words, too!

Rhonda K

Tuesday 4th of June 2013

Those are really cute!