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10 Fun Family Games To Play Over Winter Break

Games are a great way to spend family time. Be sure to check out these 10 Fun Family Games To Play Over Winter Break (or any time!).

Games are a great way to spend family time. Be sure to check out these 10 Fun Family Games To Play Over Winter Break from

What do you guys do when you have family time?

We love playing games. When we have family over, we often sit around the table and play card games.

Now, every week when my parents are in town, we have game night where we usually play Michigan Rummy.

We have a few other favorite games too, so I figured I would put together a list of fun games for you to play over winter break.

We do have a couple board games on this list, but we wanted to focus more on non-board games since we have a huge list of Board Games For Families To Play Together.

10 Fun Family Games To Play Over Winter Break

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Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples is my favorite family game. It’s, basically, the PG-rated version of Cards Against Humanity.

Most people like Cards Against Humanity, but for me, it’s a little too racy for certain company. There’s no way I would ever play that game with my dad.

I’d rather have a game we can all play together, and Apples to Apples is it.

If you haven’t played, here’s a quick rundown. Everyone has a hand of cards with all different phrases on it. The dealer picks a card from a separate deck and reads what it says. Everyone chooses the best answer from their hand. The dealer reads all the choices and selects his/her favorite. The winner is whoever’s card was chosen. Whoever has the most cards at the end of the game wins.

LCR Left Center Right Blue TIN

Left Right Center

Left Right Center is a really simple dice game that anyone can play.

You start with three plastic tokens (although you can substitute three pieces of candy if you’re playing with kids, three dollars if you’re playing with adults, or three lotto tickets if you’re playing with my family).

You roll as many dice and you have tokens left. Each “L” you roll means you give a token to the person to your left; when you roll an “R,” you give a token to the person on your right. The star means you put a token in the pot in the center. And a dot means you get to keep it. Whoever is holding the last token wins the whole pot.

This game is so much fun because even if you’re out of tokens, you can get lucky and the person next to you sends one your way. You always have a chance to come back and win, so it’s a lot of fun for everyone.

A National Park Yahtzee spread out on a wooden table.


All of a sudden, Yahtzee made a comeback in our home.

My parents invited company over when I was visiting them in Florida a couple years ago and we played Yahtzee all night. It was so much fun.

So when we had family visiting for Thanksgiving later that year, we broke out Yahtzee again. It’s such a simple game at the core, but when you start getting into strategy, it can really be a challenge.

We play so that you can only get one Yahtzee per round so that no one pulls too far ahead of anyone else. My mom claims that’s the way the rules used to be, but I’m not so sure.

Double Dominoes

A few years ago, when my grandma was still alive, Double Dominoes was our jam. We spent so many winter nights playing Double Dominoes as a family.

Double Dominos, also known as Mexican Train Dominos, is a lot more fun than regular dominoes, we decided. There are different rows per person and you can sometimes play on someone else’s row if you don’t have a spot to go on at your row. It’s a little more interactive, I think, than regular dominoes.

If you are a fan of dominoes and decide to play Double Dominoes, be sure to read the instructions (or just Google them). There are a few differences you want to be sure of.

A Michigan Rummy board game with the king and queen of hearts cards lying on it.

Michigan Rummy

Michigan Rummy is our go to for game night right now. It’s a lot of fun.

You put one chip in every one of the slots. Then, you deal out a full deck of cards between the players.

You play a game of, pretty much, group solitaire to get rid of your cards. If you throw one of the cards or card combinations in the slot you win all those chips!

If no one wins the chips in one of the slots, those carry over to the next hand.

We love this exact version of the game because if no one wins the chips, we just keep them in the slot, put this game back in the box, and play again.


We love Rummikub. Last time I visited my parents, my mom and I played for hours.

It’s basically rummy, where you need to make sets of numbers and get rid of all your cards in order to go out, but instead of cards, you use tiles.

There’s a travel version of Rummikub, which is what we have in North Carolina and there’s a full size version, which is easier to hold your tiles if you’re like me and have a bad hand and end up with lots of tiles.

Loteria (Mexican Bingo Game)

When we were in Texas, Pete found a shirt that was a play on a card from Loteria (Mexican Bingo Game). We didn’t know that, of course, but the woman working at the store told us all about it.

We actually were able to find a copy of the game in the same marketplace and picked it up. It’s very similar to Bingo, but with images and Spanish words instead of just numbers. We played it over Thanksgiving and everyone had a good time.

Heads Up

My mom actually has the phone app version of Heads Up, so I didn’t even know there was an actual game box version of this until I was working on this list.

You hold a card to your head. That card has a word on it. Your teammates have to give you clues to guess the word. If you get it right, you get a point. Whatever team has the most points at the end wins.

What fun family games do you like to play during family get togethers?

Mary Gardner

Thursday 18th of January 2018

Apples to Apples is one of the games we love to play as a family and also with friends. My kids really love playing Dominoes as well.

Crystal Green

Tuesday 2nd of January 2018

These are all some wonderful sounding games. Many of them I've played with my family. Our favorite is Triopoly. The Watch Ya' Mouth.


Tuesday 2nd of January 2018

We love board games and with some huge snow predictions coming later this week, I think we may need to play a few of these! Thanks for the tips/reminders!


Friday 29th of December 2017

We just learned that Left Right Center game recently and it's so fun. Easy to play and perfect for all ages! :)