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DIY Terra Cotta Lighthouse

Give your home some curb appeal with this DIY Terra Cotta Lighthouse! Get the tutorial on I was in Florida visiting my parents, I took a nice walk every day. It was February, and I was able to wear shorts every day. So, of course, I wanted to take advantage of that every moment I could. On one of my walks, I passed this DIY Terra Cotta Lighthouse.

How cute is it?

It really gives the home a lot of curb appeal. This terra cotta lighthouse craft is something you can make yourself easily. It just is pretty time consuming because you want everything to dry completely before you go on to the next steps.

The last thing you want is for all your hard work to crash and break. You don’t want to spend all weekend building a lighthouse out of clay pots just to have it fall apart.

DIY Terra Cotta Lighthouse

What You’ll Need:

What You’ll Do:

In order to paint terra cotta planters, you need to first seal it with a white glue or a pot sealer. When that dries, you can start to paint them. If you don’t seal the pots, they will just keep absorbing the paint and you’ll need a ton of layers of paint.

Once the planters are sealed, you can start painting.

Paint the bottoms of every terra cotta planter white. Let them dry completely. You may need to paint a few layers so you can’t see through the white.

Paint the strip around the top of the planters red. Leave them to dry completely. As with the white, you may have to paint them a few times to get the color you want.

Paint the clay saucers black. Let them dry completely as well.

Start gluing everything together with E600 glue.

Glue one of the large planters to the large saucer, the second large planter to a medium saucer, and the medium and small to the smaller saucers.

Then, glue the extra small saucer upside down on the top of the solar-powered light.

Let all the components dry completely (at least overnight, maybe longer so it stays secure).

When you are sure the pots and saucers are secure, start building your tower. The large planter on the large saucer is the base. Glue the large planter with the medium saucer base on top of it, then the medium planter, and the small one.

Leave this alone as it dries completely.

Once it is completely dry and stable, paint on any embellishments, like windows and a door.

Stick the solar-powered light into the hole in the top of the small planter.

Would you make this DIY Terra Cotta Lighthouse?

Rebecca Payne

Thursday 30th of July 2020

Love it