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5 Reasons Why Australia Should Be On Your Travel List

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Australia is one of those places that everyone wants to visit, but not everyone gets the chance to. It’s far … unless you’re reading this in New Zealand. But from anywhere else, Australia is pretty far. But if you get the chance, you really should get out there, if for nothing more than to say you saw the toilets flush backwards. Because yes, that is a thing.

5 Reasons Why Australia Should Be On Your Travel List

1. Koalas. Kangaroos.
Zoos are great places. You’re able to see animals that you might otherwise not see. When we were in Japan, there was actually a spot for an American squirrel. So of course, I can look out my window here and see them any time, but you have to go to a zoo to see one in Japan. And if I want to see a koala or a kangaroo here, I have to go to the zoo. But in Australia, you can just look at your hotel window and see koalas eating eucalyptus and kangaroos hopping by. Okay, no, probably not. But you can see them in Australia, and that’s pretty cool.

2. Great Barrier Reef.
We watch a lot of nature shows, so of course, the Great Barrier Reef comes up a lot.The Great Barrier Reef, located off the coast of Australia, is the largest coral reef system. Rumor is you can see it from space, but I also heard that about the Great Wall of China, and heard recently that’s not true. So don’t go to space to see the Great Barrier Reef, just in case. Instead, just go to Australia.

3. It’s a great break from winter.
When it’s summer here, it’s winter there. And when your winter is dumping buckets of snow in your driveway, it’s summer there. Which means you can pack your bathing suit and dust off your shorts, and visit some sunshine while your friends are bundled up in blankets drinking hot chocolate.

4. Sydney Opera House.
When you think of buildings in Australia, you probably think of the Sydney Opera House. It’s so iconic. It’s actually a series of performance areas, so you’ll have a ton of opportunities to actually catch a show there. And if you have the chance, definitely do that.

5. The toilet thing.
I don’t watch water go down the toilet. It just hasn’t been something that I’ve ever thought to do. And yet, it’s a super big deal that toilets flush backwards in Australia because they’re on the opposite side of the equator and it turned into one of those things that someone said and now everyone says. So if you go to Australia, someone is sure to ask you if the toilets really do flush backwards. So you might as well check, just preferably when it’s empty.

What are your reasons why Australia should be on your travel list? Be sure to comment and let us know.

Cathy S.

Saturday 19th of August 2017

I've always wanted to go to Australia. Now I really want to go!