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Tips For Planning The Perfect Staycation

Right now, you might be trying to plan a staycation. Get tips for planning the perfect staycation on

I was in church on Sunday, and I heard the woman sitting behind me cough. And then, a little bit later, she coughed again. I half turned that time and noticed she coughed directly into her hands. When it came time for the sign of peace, I didn’t turn around. Sorry not sorry, but I can’t risk getting sick. I have a trip to Florida coming up. Well, had. I actually had to cancel that trip. In fact, there are so many canceled travel plans because of the state of the world right now. If you’re in that boat, I put together a list tips for planning the perfect staycation.

But, before we get to that, let’s talk for a second about what’s going on right now.

Yes, people are getting sick and people are being encouraged to stay home. So countries, airlines, cruise ships (and more!) are being precautionary.

How? By canceling flights. Countries aren’t completely shut down and most international travel is currently allowed. But no one knows for how long and to what extent.

So, there’s a chance (maybe a small chance, but a chance) that you will travel internationally and before you are set to fly home, there could be an outbreak and your flight home will be canceled. And you’ll be stranded in a foreign country.

Or, you could be on a cruise and suddenly, you’re like the people who were quarantined for a while.

So people are canceling plans and choosing to plan a staycation instead.

And, honestly, even if you live somewhere boring, you can still have a fun staycation. You don’t have to live somewhere that’s thrilling or exciting. You just have to make your staycation exciting by following our staycation tips.

Tips For Planning The Perfect Staycation

Make a plan.

To me, the best vacation are when we have a plan of attack. You don’t have to have every single minute planned, but you do want to have a few things set up. Like know where you’re staying and make reservations at the hot spots for dinner. If not, you’ll end up wandering a foreign city trying to find seating for your crew.

That can happen on a staycation too. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean restaurants won’t book up or concerts won’t sell out. So be prepared. Make reservations and buy those tickets.

Set a budget.

When you go on vacation, you usually have a budget of how much you want to spend. When you’re planning a staycation, you also want to set a budget. It might be less than if you were paying for flights (obviously), but set one anyway.

And spend the money you set aside. You don’t have to spend it all (use coupons if you can), but don’t be stingy because you’re at home.

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Sleep somewhere new.

When you’re on a staycation, sleeping in your own bed won’t feel like a vacation. So sleep somewhere new. You actually have a few options for this.

Option 1: You can book a hotel in your town … that way, you feel like you’re on vacation because someone else makes the bed every day.

Option 2: You can book an Airbnb in your town. An Airbnb is often cheaper than a hotel, and it’s not your home (even if it is someone else’s).

Option 3: Pull out the couch bed. When we were young, on Friday nights we were allowed to sleep on the couch bed in the living room and it was so excited. We looked forward to it all week. So even if you’re in your own home, a change of room is fun.

Option 4: Camp in your own backyard. We did this a bunch when we were young too, and that was a big thrill. Plus, if it starts raining, you can always go back inside instead of braving the elements.

Explore the city.

When you live somewhere, you usually go to the same spots. You know what you like and what you’re comfortable with. But when you’re on a staycation, you get the chance to be a tourist in your own city.

Find somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, or one that’s only open during work hours, and go there to check it out. Instead of going where you usually go for dinner, check out somewhere new.

Pick out games.

We have this very cool game table in our living room. It looks like an end table but there are five drawers that pull out revealing games like checkers, backgammon, and more. We also have a ton of board games in our bonus room upstairs.

If your family loves games, now is a good time to buy some. Or just break out the ones you already have. Or play cards (my family loves playing cards every night when we have company). Whatever you do, as long as you do it as a family, that’s great.

My suggestion, though, is to purchase some games to play before your staycation starts. That way, you’ll have something new to play and won’t waste your entire night trying to decide on something.

Do crafts.

If I could take a whole week off just to do crafts, I would be so happy. All I want to do in my (very little) free time is make things. So, if you’re planning a staycation, plan some crafts.

If you’re not crafty, then tackle some projects. Have you been wanting to redecorate your living room? Or how about plant a garden? Now is the time to do it.

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Get snacks.

Part of what I love about being on vacation is that calories don’t count. Okay, fine. Technically they do, but everyone jokes and says they don’t. So when you’re on vacation, you get to order the extra appetizer and have dessert. You get ice cream. And you don’t even think twice about it. Keep that mentality when you’re on your staycation.

Buy all the snacks that you love when you’re out: cookies, mozzarella sticks, soda, whatever you don’t usually have at home. And indulge. Have a full on ice cream sundae bar for dessert or a Belgium waffle bar and all the toppings for breakfast. Remind yourself, and your stomach, that you are, in fact, on vacation.

Don’t work.

Here’s the thing about a staycation. It’s so tempting to work. I mean, right now, it’s after hours and I’m typing this post. So I’m definitely a victim of this. But on a staycation, you have to avoid the temptation to get a little work done.

Unplug. Unwind. Spend some time with whoever you’re taking a staycation with. Or just spend some quality time with your pillow and take a nap. Just whatever you do, don’t treat it as a week to work from home.

Do you have any other tips for planning the perfect staycation? Be sure to let us know in the comments.


Saturday 21st of March 2020

I love the idea of camping in the backyard. We had a trip planned to see family for Easter that we will be foregoing. Visiting older relatives that we don't want to risk infecting. We will be staying home. And while not exactly relaxing we are using the time to get to those things around the house that we never have time for. For the first time in my married life all of the laundry is done AND put away. We are also walking the dogs, cooking simple but satisfying meals at home. And taking time to reflect on our many blessings.