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Things To Do After You Buy A New Car

This Things To Do After You Buy A New Car post is a sponsored post.

#ad Did you just buy a new car? Find out a few things to do when you buy a new car from #CarsComPete and I bought a new (for us) car last month. It’s a great car. We got a Ford Fiesta, which is a hatchback — exactly what Pete wanted for easy loading and unloading for the farmers’ market. It had low mileage and was pretty young too.

We found out, eventually, that the reason that the car was such a great deal was because it was repossessed and the tow truck driver who then had current possession of it just wanted it off his lot. It really worked out for everyone, but there were a bunch of things we needed to take care of once the car was ours. So I figured I would put together a list of things to do after you buy a new car to help you out.

Things To Do After You Buy A New Car

1. Insure it.
As soon as you purchase the new car, you need insurance on it. You can’t even drive it off the lot without it. Our insurance company advised us that we needed insurance before we even had the title put in our name. So as soon as you decide to purchase the car, call your insurance company and find out what the process is so that you are completely in compliance.

2. Put the car in your name.
According to our insurance company, this was the number two priority. Yours may disagree, so double check with them. The process for each state is different. This was the first car I had bought in North Carolina, so I was really unfamiliar with the way things are done here. It was also the first time I bought a car where the court was involved, so this was a very new process for me. In New York, the title transfer is a little easier to do. Be sure to check your local laws to figure out how to do this, but make sure you do it.

3. Get a tune up.
If you buy a car from a private seller, you can ask him or her questions about the last time the oil was changed, but you don’t really know how accurate the answers are — especially if they’re selling for a relative. So to be safe, take your car to the mechanic after. Get the oil changed, top off the fluids, and just have the mechanic give the car a once over. The mechanic may notice a few things you overlooked when you bought the car (like, for us, bald tires).

4. Wash it.
When you get it back from the mechanic (who probably put down paper mats to work on it, but those can slip), give it a nice wash. Wash the interior and exterior, then hang a tree-shaped air freshener. If you’re like me, you’ll feel better in a used car if it’s clean. Pete cleaned our new car until it sparkled. I don’t know what the person before us did, but she somehow got marks all over the interior roof. It was so gross. Pete scrubbed it clean, thank gosh, because I would have been so creeped out to sit under there, wondering what could potentially fall on my head.

#ad Did you just buy a new car? Find out a few things to do when you buy a new car from #CarsCom

5. Make any repairs.
For us, we needed four new tires. The mechanic mentioned it, but I didn’t realize how immediate that need was … until I was driving and had a blow out. Thank goodness the car came with a spare! I drove on the spare to get four new tires put on the car. Our car is still fairly new, so I would have thought the tires would have lasted a while. Nope. Speed Racer had this car before us, I think. I was lucky that I got a flat in the residential community next to ours instead of on a highway. So if your mechanic mentioned anything that needs to be fixed, fix it asap. You don’t know how well the previous owner took care of the car, and you inherit any problems, so take care of them as soon as you find out about them.

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Monday 2nd of October 2017

Warranties provide a level of protection for newer cars. If your car is under warranty contract, you are typically required to keep it maintained to keep coverage. Therefore, not keeping up with regular service could result in a voided warranty.