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Old Navy: Athletic Wear Sample & Share Review #Crowdtap

I used to go to the gym all the time for an hour or two a session. Yes, there was more running my mouth than running on the treadmill, but at least I was there and in gym clothes.

Then I started blogging full time on top of having a full time job, and any spare time I had went out the window. Any my time at the gym became a once a year occurrence.

So when I had the chance to check out Old Navy’s workout line, I was excited. I brought them home showed Pete.

Nice, he said. Now maybe you will start to go to the gym again.

I’m gonna go, I said.

I mean, I need somewhere to wear these new clothes.

The Old Navy athletic wear line is fantastic. I got to check it out last year, and I think the line has really improved since then. The line consists of tops, jackets, shirts, pants, and capris. Last year, the shirts were kinda ill fitting nothing to write home about.

This year, I’m kinda in love.

I started out trying out the outfit I bought last year. I got a pair of tight athletic pants and a workout top. I tried the top last year, just to try it. I didn’t think I was going to like it at all.

Shockingly, it ended up being what I bought. I loved how it fit and I loved the support. This year, I wasn’t that crazy about it. It was a little more clingy and thinner than my one from last year. If you look in the photo to the left, you can see the mark of the pants right though. You can actually tell that I have dark pants on under the pink top. No thanks.

What I did like though, is that the top of the pant has a little pop of color. Not that you can tell when you have a top on, but it wasn’t lost on me.

I tried on the capris, and they have a big pop of color. They are really skin-tight, though, and I wasn’t sure how I would feel working out in them. I do a lot of stretching and these were really restricting. Plus, I wanted to wear these now. And although it’s warm in North Carolina, I didn’t think it was warm enough for capris in January [[side note: It is warm enough but, having never lived a January here, what did I know?]].

So pants. I decided on pants. Now it was time for a top. I grabbed a zip-up jacket in a navy black color. I actually really liked it. It had pockets, which is great because I like to bring my cell phone to the gym.

I came out of the fitting room to show my mom. Oh, did I tell you? I got coupons for a free top and bottom … and one for a friend. My mom has been on three Old Navy shops with me, so of course, I had to bring her on this one. I got out of the fitting room to show her …

… and what do you know, she’s wearing the same outfit [[the pic on the right]]. No, just no.

She actually really liked that jacket and hated the top in the photo on the left. If you look at it, you can see it bells out at the bottom and she doesn’t want the shape of a bell. So she was set on the jacket.

Mine doesn’t bell out, I told her. She told me it’s because I have hips and her body is straight, so definitely keep your body shape in mind when you’re trying these on. And especially if you don’t try them on and are just ordering online.

That purple top, that’s the one that bells out on her. It hits my hips where it should, so no bell.

Not even if I pose without my hand on my hip [[which has become my go to pose — if you read my Old Navy dresses review, you’ll remember that hand on the hip made all my dresses look fantastic]].

That’s actually the outfit I ended up going with. Do you remember the original pants, the one with the white stripe? The pants I ended up buying have a similar stripe, except it’s purple, not white, so it matches the top.

Not that you can tell at all when I’m wearing the top, but at least I know I’m coordinated.

What I really liked about the top was that it has a thumb hole. Not that we experience a winter here in North Carolina, but if you live somewhere that does, this helps to make a better seal around your wrist, letting less cold air in, keeping you warmer.

I just love it because this was trendy about ten years ago and I still kinda think it’s cool. Or, well, warm.

In case you’re wondering, as soon as we got back to North Carolina after being up north to spend the holidays with family, I actually did go to the gym. And I wore this. And I loved it.

I was given the coupons for this review from Old Navy via Crowdtap. All thoughts and opinions are my own.