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Merry Christmas

Christmas wreath on a home in Charleston with the words "Merry Christmas" digitally written on top.

We wish you a Merry Christmas. A very Merry Christmas.

Here at Drugstore Divas, Pete and I consider each and every one you a part of our extended Drugstore Divas family.

Each day, I find deals and post them on the blog. But even more, we sit here and invite you into our life and our home. I tell you about me and Pete, about our travels, about my family and our lives.

And via emails and comments, you also invite us into your homes, your lives, and your pantries. We feel like you are more than just people who read my blog. We are friends. We’re the Drugstore Divas community, the Drugstore Divas family.

And we want to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas.

Tomorrow is the big sale day: 50% off all Christmas items, including cards, wrapping paper, and decor. We’re sure you’ll be out first thing in the morning to buy all the things you should buy the day after Christmas, but today, just enjoy your family.

If you are enjoying them in person, on the phone, or just by watching home videos. Enjoy them today.

Then, we’ll see you at the sales tomorrow.