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Free Gift Tags At Walgreens (Til 12/2/2021)

Fingers holding rectangle Christmas gift tags with a cartoon Santa on them.

It’s time to start thinking about Christmas. Which is crazy. But Christmas has been on my brain for months, so of course, these free gift tags at Walgreens don’t feel out of place.

Christmas dinner, that would be out of place. Christmas freebies are fine.

Right now, you can get free personalized gift tags from Walgreens with the code TENTAGS. Choose in store pickup and they’re completely free as well.

This offer is valid until December 2, 2021 only.

They’re so easy to personalize.

Just head over to this link and choose the design you want (there are 32 to choose from). I always use Christmas gift tags, so I’m choosing Christmas ones for this offer, but you can choose generic tags, birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s Day, and more.

Once you choose your tags, make sure “10 Tags” is selected and choose “Create now”.

From there, you can add your text, change the color, font, size and more.

Homemade Santa Claus gift tag on a wrapped Christmas present.

Make your own gift tags:

Don’t have a Walgreens close? Don’t worry. We have a great post about How To Make Gift Tags From Old Christmas Cards.

Are you planning on making these free gift tags at Walgreens?