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10 Ways To Beat Rainy Day Blues

 It rains almost every day here. That doesn't mean you have to let it get you down. Check out these 10 Ways To Beat Rainy Day Blues from’s been raining for weeks recently. And not like a little drizzle that’s kind of fun to dance in. No, it’s full on rain rain go awayrain. It’s the kind of thunder that makes us feel like we’re watching with stereo sound when we have a nature show on. The kind of wind that shakes your house. Soul sucking gloomy weather.

Everything is gray, like we’re living in a newspaper. Sunshine is a thing of the past — and is motivation and happiness. Even the Internet is trying to call in sick. Every so often, it just stops.

These are the kinds of days where it’s hard to pep yourself up and motivate yourself to make it through the day. So, in honor of this doom and gloom outside, I put together a fun list of 10 Ways To Beat Rainy Day Blues. These will definitely get your spirits up next time it’s pouring

10 Ways To Beat Rainy Day Blues

1. Open the curtains.
Oh, I know. It’s so dreary out. But it’s even more dreary inside in the dark. So open the curtains and let what little light is outside come in. I wouldn’t recommend opening the window because rain could get all over your carpet and anything under the window, but some sunbeams poking through the clouds could help your mood.

2. Listen to music.
On this particular dreary day, I’m blasting Prettiest Princess by Last Perfect Thing, my favorite song from a decade and a half ago. It’s impossible for me to find online, and I lost my CD of it a few moves ago. I actually reached out to the band last year to see if there was a way I could buy the song from them. I got it on a dreary rainy day last year, so now, on rainy days, it fills my soul.

3. Bake.
If your whole house smells like chocolate chip cookies, you’re instantly in a good mood … regardless of what the weather is like outside. Banana bread is a really fragrant — and tasty — baking suggestion too. And, if the smell doesn’t help, you still get to eat fresh baked goods when they’re done. And that is sure to help.

4. Watch a movie.
The last thing you want to do when it’s raining out is to go outside. So don’t. Pop some popcorn, hide under the covers, get cozy, and turn on a movie. There’s something so romantic about snuggling on a dreary day.

5. Do an indoor exercise circuit.
Have some pent up energy to burn? Do an indoor exercise circuit. Put on a pilates DVD or stream something on YouTube. Get in a good workout and you’ll get your energy and endorphins up.

6. Put on a nice outfit.
When it’s gloomy out, it’s so easy to want to throw on a sweatshirt and dress as gloomy as the weather. But if you put on a nice outfit, you’ll feel better, regardless of what’s going on outside your windows.

7. Shower.
Pick out a nice body wash (maybe one you don’t currently use, like the Olay Fresh Outlast Cooling White Strawberry & Mint Body Wash). This aromatherapy can really be a mood booster and you’ll come out of the shower ready tackle the day.

8. Wash your sheets.
This one is my favorite on the list. Whenever it’s all doom and gloom outside, I wash the sheets on our bed with a great smelling detergent. It’s an instant mood booster. Plus, it carries through to the night, when you’re turning down and sleeping.

9. Make soup.
It was raining here yesterday, because all it seems to do is rain. It was perfect soup weather. I created a slow cooker taco soup, which filled the house all day as I worked. The smell was incredible and the soup was even better. It was just a great way to appreciate the cold and rain (because without it, I wouldn’t be making soup).

10. Watch the rain.
When you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Follow that with the rain. Two nights ago, I sat at our living room window and just watched the rain, thunder, and lightning. No cars were driving by and it was so soothing. Plus, that’s actually something I had done every thunderstorm when I was little, so it brought back some really good memories.

Which of these would help you beat rainy day blues? Be sure to let us know in the comments.


Saturday 4th of November 2017

These are great tips for the winter blues too. Thanks for sharing on Sunday's Best.


Friday 3rd of November 2017

Love these ideas! Baking is always a good idea :)


Thursday 26th of October 2017

Love these ideas!