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Review: Custom Items From Snapmade

Drugstore Divas received these items for review.

snapmade-1Pete and I were out one night and I have no idea how it started, but we were brainstorming a t-shirt idea for my dad. We would have a photo of pierogies on the front and the back would say, “Butta Me Up.” When Pete said that, I laughed so hard that tears were rolling down my face. I honestly can’t tell you why, exactly, it was so funny to me, but it was the funniest thing ever.

I then got the idea that we would get a funny shirt for everyone in my immediate family.

We looked online and found ones for both my brothers, my brother’s wife, and my other brother’s girlfriend. I even found one online for Pete. But I couldn’t find anything I loved for my mom or my grandma. And we already knew that we were going to design my dad’s shirt … so we decided to design all three of theirs.


We found Snapmade.

The site sells pre-made products (like the You Are My Sunshine key chain above) or you can use it to make Personalized Gifts, such as the custom t-shirts we made.

So, how did we make them, you ask. We took the photos we wanted, then uploaded the image onto the site. You can use your own photos or you can use the standard images that are already built into the design suite. I tried to use my mouse to change the size of the image and positions of the text, but it just didn’t work. I don’t know why but the site was fighting me so bad. It was then that I was actually happy my laptop is a touchscreen. When I used the touchscreen to drag and drop, it was worlds easier.


The products do ship from China, so ours took a while to arrive. I didn’t mind that they were shipped from China, but I saw people on the Snapmade Facebook page who were unaware of this so I figured it was worth mentioning.

Because it ships from China, it seems like the sizes are a bit smaller than we are used to. I ordered a medium for my grandma, but I just don’t think it will fit her right. It was a really slim medium. It’ll fit my mom (because she is fit and goes to the gym all the time), but I think ordering a size larger for my grandma would have been a better idea.


The items are pretty good quality. The shirts are screen printed on 100% organic cotton shirts. They look store bought (and I think my family would have thought so if the quotes we put on them weren’t so distinctly not from a store). You’re really only limited to your own creativity. If there was ever a shirt — or pillow, picture frame, candle, etc. — Snapmade is your site.

So, I’m curious: If you could design your own t-shirt, what would you put on it?

Eileen Moynihan

Sunday 8th of March 2015

It would be a memorial shirt, I can see a lot of potential for making something like that, or, ya know, happy stuff!