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A Reminder To Be Kind

I originally wrote this A Reminder To Be Kind post on Inauguration Day 2017, but somehow, it feels just as fitting four years later.

Letting go of the knee jerk reaction to get angry will give you more peace. And that will help you to be kind.

Today is Inauguration Day — which my phone keeps autocorrecting to “in aggression day”.

That could be true also.

But this isn’t a political post. We don’t post those here on Drugstore Divas. Regardless of your party lines and who you championed for, we are getting a new president today. You could be smiling or screaming at that last sentence, but either way, there will be a newly appointed president of the United States before the day is through.

Be kind.

No matter what you feel, be kind. Be a gracious winner or a gracious loser. If you don’t have someone to look up to as an example of how to be kind, to be humble, to keep your opinions to yourself, look to the words “be kind.”

Those words don’t say, “Hold the door open for someone regardless of political affiliation.” But they do.

They don’t say, “Take a half beat to stop and think when someone posts something you disagree with on Facebook … then scroll by.” But they do.

The words aren’t, “Don’t make others feel small because you are feeling big.” But they say that too.

It’s a good lesson, for today and the other 345 days left this year.

Life is too short. Time is too precious to waste it with people and situations that don’t matter. You only have 24 hours today, a mere 1,440 minutes. Why waste even just one of those minutes angry? It’s not worth it.

Your minute, your day, your life would be so much better if you could spend all your moments smiling and happy.

It starts with being kind.

Start by just letting things go. Don’t get frustrated over the small stuff. Don’t lose friends over Facebook statuses, just be glad you have friends at all.

Instead of getting grouchy when you get stuck at a red light, be happy you get to listen to the song on the radio a little longer.

When your boyfriend leaves a dish in the sink, just wash it and move on with your day.

Letting go of the knee jerk reaction to get angry, to get defensive, to put others in their place will give you more peace. And that will help you to be kind, in those moments and the ones that follow.

If we could all be a bit more kind, starting today on Inauguration Day, and continuing on our life’s journey, wouldn’t this world be a little better?

How will you Be Kind today?