Who To Tip At A Hotel

It can be confusing to figure out who to tip at a hotel. Get all the answers to your questions at www.drugstoredivas.net.When you go on vacation, it can be expensive. You have to pay for transportation (either gas if you drove or plane tickets if you fly), a place to stay, and food. It definitely adds up. But that doesn’t mean you get to be cheap. You still have to tip at a hotel if you’re staying there. Even if you’re at a resort, where people often say you don’t have to tip, you really should. So, then you wonder who to tip at a hotel. Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.

Who To Tip At  A Hotel

I’m trying to create this list in the order that you will meet these people at the hotel. You may bump into them out of order, though.

Tip? Yes and no.
Okay, we are starting off a little ambiguously. But when you pull up to the hotel, you may encounter the valet. If you are helped with your bags, offer a tip. If you tag your own bags out of the car, don’t tip. You should tip the valet driver who retrieves your car, but not the one who originally parks it for you.

Tip? It depends.
If all the doorman does is open the door, you don’t need to tip. But if he or she helps you get your bags out of the car, carries them inside, and opens the door, give a tip.

Front desk:
Tip? No.
When you check in, you’ll do so at the front desk. Although that person will be very nice and print your keys and point you to the elevators you need, you don’t need to tip the front desk staff.

Tip? Yes.
If the bellhop helps you bring your bags to your room, tip when you get to your room.

Tip? Yes.
Need a drink after your travels? If you get one from the bartender, tip.

Tip? No.
If you’ve decided to eat in the hotel’s restaurant, the hostess may help seat you. But you don’t need to tip the hostess.

Tip? Yes.
Your waiter, though, deserves a tip.

Room service:
Tip? Yes.
If you get room service, give a tip. This includes room service in the traditional sense (ordering food), but if you need something that’s missing from your room (we needed a coffee maker once when the room didn’t have them), tip whoever brings that to your room for you.

Tip? It depends.
If you’ve just gone to ask the concierge a question about a restaurant recommendation or something similar, you don’t need to tip him or her. That’s the job of a concierge. If he or she goes above, like books you a restaurant reservation or car service, you may want to tip for that.

Tip? Yes.
Tip your housekeeper every day. I actually do most of the work in my room (straightening up the counters, tying up the garbage, etc.), but I never make the bed. I just really, really like someone else making my bed. Every day, I leave a tip for the housekeeper and a thank you note. That way they know you appreciate them, and they also know the money left is for them.

Who else do you tip at a hotel?