Walmart: FREE Speed Stick Deodorant [[Today Only]]

I’m in full Christmas mode right now. And that means trying out offers that I may wouldn’t have tried — or haven’t tried — through the rest of the year.

And part of that is Shop At Home. I’ve only used the site once before today, but I know it is like eBates in the fact that it offers cash back on your purchases. And once you reach $20, you’ll get a payout.

I also know that it offers Wild Deals often, and today’s Wild Deal is a free Speed Stick deodorant from Walmart — and free shipping. It’s $.94 and you get $.94 back in your account [[it takes 30 days, just an FYI]]. It should only cost me 8 cents tax after everything is said and done.

So, what you do is log into your account [[or register for Shop at Home here]], click “Wild Deals” on the right side, go through there to the Walmart, and order your candle.

This will go great in my Christmas gift bags.