Walgreens: Cottonelle For $.25 A Roll (Today Only!)

cottonelleI just got back from Walgreens because I had to do the Cottonelle deal on more time.

We are going through toilet paper quick this summer since we are have had so many guests, so I needed to stock up to replenish our stash.

Twenty-five cents a roll is my stock up price for toilet paper and today is the last day you can get it for that price at Walgreens.

The Deal …
$5 — Cottonelle, 12 pack
$5 — Cottonelle, 12 pack
Total: $10

$1 — Cottonelle coupon, expires 8/31 (Wags monthly book)
$1 — Cottonelle coupon (Wags monthly book)
Total: $8

Get back $2 in RR, so you pay $6 for 24 rolls, or $.25 each.

The register rewards deal, going on until September 8, is buy two packs, get $2, but three, get $3. But today is the last day for the $1 off coupon.