Treat: FREE Christmas Card For All Members [[Today Only]]

christmasI always prepare for Christmas by buying cards the year before, on the day after Christmas when they’re 50% off.

If you haven’t prepared yet, don’t worry. You can start now.

Treat is giving out a free Christmas card, and your choices are the same as last year [[if you were around here then]].

You can choose between Santa’s Scroll and Checking It Twice [[click the links to get to the cards]]. Personalize it, add your own photos or text, and then use the code SANTA12¬†at checkout. And your card will be completely free.

You can have the card sent to you for free or sent to the recipient for the cost of a stamp [[$.45]]. But, really, you’re not going to send out a Christmas card now, so get it sent to you and you can mail it in three months.

This deal is going on until today, so definitely don’t miss out on this.