Tips For Hiring A Videographer #spon

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Years ago, I applied to be on an MTV reality show. No, it wasn’t the real world. It was one that ended up with the winner working for Rolling Stone magazine. That was my dream job, but no matter how often I sent in clips, the magazine never called. I felt like this was a good way to go. I borrowed my aunt’s video camera, filmed my application, and sent it in with my paper application.

A few days later I got a call. “We really liked your application,” the MTV person said. “But we can’t view your video. We don’t have that format here. Are you able to refilm it by this weekend?” I jumped in the car, bought a video camera, and sent off a new tape. It must have been terrible, though, because I never got another call.

But having a video camera was great because my mom used it to film soccer videos for my little brother to use to send to college scouts. He didn’t get a soccer scholarship, though, so maybe we should have thought about hiring a videographer. If you’re thinking about one, you’re in luck. I have a bunch of tips to help you.

Tips For Hiring A Videographer

Find A Videographer Who Makes You Comfortable
A videographer will be right up in your face, filming your every move. I mean, that’s what you’re hiring one for. So be sure to find one who makes you comfortable. If your videographer isn’t someone who makes you feel safe, that will come across on film. You’ll look awkward and scared, and no one wants to preserve that moment forever.

Call the videographer before booking him or her. Have coffee. Become friendly. The more at ease you feel, the better it will be.

Discuss What You Want Filmed
If you’re hiring a corporate videographer to film your company’s picnic, you can give a general assignment: film the picnic. But if you’re hiring one to film your daughter in a play where she is playing the roll of Tree #2, you want to tell the videographer that. Make sure that even though you want the whole play filmed, when Tree #2 is there, she is the star. What a waste it would be to get the video back and find out your child was missing.

Get What You Paid For
If you get the footage back and it’s not what you wanted, tell the videographer. Discuss what you don’t like and what you were expecting (this should all be discussed in your initial meeting so hopefully this won’t happen, but it does). Work with the videographer to make changes and get exactly what you want.

What other tips for hiring a videographer do you have?