Tips For Throwing A Football Party

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#ad Get ready to tailgate with these tips to throwing a football party with

Pete and I are big football fans. When we first started dating, we would meet up with Pete’s friends every Sunday to catch the games. We moved to North Carolina and started streaming them at home because no bar would broadcast the New York Jets or Giants games if either was on at the same time as the Carolina Panthers. We eventually found a bar that would play everything, and we went there weekly until we bought our house. Once we did, we turned our garage into a home theater and stream the games for the entire cul de sac.

It’s so much fun. We make food, put out snacks, and everyone comes to cheer on their favorite team.

If you’re planning on throwing a football party, we have a few tips for you.

Tips For Throwing A Football Party

Most people will get to your party early, before the game has actually started. So you want to get their senses ready for football and decorations can do that. We put down a clear plastic football print tablecloth over a plastic tablecloth — green, of course, for my Jets.

You can DIY a little bit too, if you’re feeling creative. I would love to put together a DIY football banner that I could hang every week, but I just haven’t gotten a chance to yet. Maybe by next season.

#ad Get ready to tailgate with these tips to throwing a football party with

We let some of the snacks double as decor. We picked up football helmet and football player gummies and put them in a football paper bowl. I also made homemade salsa and a pick de gallo (aka a chunk salsa) and put them in a football tray on either side of tortilla chips. It was so cute — and the salsa went quickly.

We also always grill on Football Sundays. Wings are often on our menu (try our grilled teriyaki chicken wings if you’re looking for a suggestion). Hot dogs and hamburgers are really easy if you’re serving a crowd.

And since I have a sweet tooth, I always want to have a dessert. Depending on which game is the game of the week, I’ll make football candy bark in those colors.

I don’t want to spend all game washing dishes, so Football Sundays are the only days I let paper plates be used in our home. To be festive, I like to use kelly green plates, forks, and knives, plus kelly green napkins. You can actually put your utensils and napkins in a football utensil caddy and bring it out every week.

#ad Get ready to tailgate with these tips to throwing a football party with

Of course, I’m going to suggest our kickoff cosmo as a drink of choice. You can serve it in a football drink dispenser, like we did, with football plastic cups. If you want to be a little more rustic, pour it into mason jars, close them with football cupcake liners instead of the round, and poke the wrapper with a football paper straw. You’ll be able to sit outside with this and not have to worry about flies getting into your drink.

We also always put out water and soda for people like me who don’t drink alcohol, and for the kids who come to our party too.

#ad Get ready to tailgate with these tips to throwing a football party with

If the game is getting good, people don’t tend to sit. But during pre-game, people like to sit and chat. Make sure you have enough seats for everyone. We put out a variety of folding chairs, Captain’s chairs, benches, and Adirondack chairs. Some of our friends will come Week 1, bring their own chairs, and then leave them in our garage until Super Bowl.

The game.
You can’t have a football party without the big game. We use a projector to stream it onto one of the walls in our garage. We try and be diplomatic about what game we put on. But, if there is a conflict, we will play one game in the garage and another in the living room. We also have a TV in the frog just in case someone needs to watch a game up there as well.

#ad Get ready to tailgate with these tips to throwing a football party with

If you’re looking for decor, snacks, or noise makers for your football party, check out the football page on Oriental Trading’s website. You’re sure to find everything you need.

What are your tips to throwing a football party?