Things To Do If It Rains On Your Beach Vacation

Things To Do If It Rains On Your Beach Vacation

You plan your beach vacation for months ... and then it rains. So frustrating. But don't worry. Check out this list of things to do if it rains on your beach vacation from and I were in Hilton Head Island last month, and I kept thinking two things: one, I can’t wait to sleep in every day and two, I can’t wait to relax at the beach. Neither of these things happened. I ended up waking up early (like before my normal time) every day, but I woke up refreshed so that was okay. I also didn’t sit out on the beach for more than ten minutes because it rained every day. There are still so many things to do if it rains on your beach vacation. Yes, sure, it stinks, but at least there are alternatives.

Things To Do If It Rains On Your Beach Vacation

Play games.
I brought travel tic tac toe with us, just in case we felt like playing in the hotel. Growing up, we brought a pack of cards with us on every vacation and we would spend every night playing games. If you’re packing for your trip, throw some travel games in your suitcase. In case of rain, you’ll have something to do.

If you’re staying at a resort, you may want to ask the concierge if the hotel has any games available. The one we stayed at recently has a kid zone. I didn’t go in there, but I imagine there were activities for kids. You might be able to borrow one if the weather is bad.

Go the the movies.
We camped every year, and it would rain at least once each trip. It was always something we could deal with. We hung out under tarps and were still able to grill. Until the one year we couldn’t.

It was raining so hard that all 30 or so of us went out to a Chinese buffet and then to a movie. I don’t remember what the movie was, but I do remember my dad’s fortune was “Get ready. An old love will be returning soon.” He laughed, then passed the fortune to the right (my mom was on his left). The person on his right laughed, then passed it to his right. The fortune went all around the table of 30 before finally getting to my mom.

I don’t remember much else from that camping trip, but I remember that moment — which would have never happened if it didn’t rain.

Have a spa day.
Part of what we did on our rainy Hilton Head vacation was we got a couples’ massage. We had it scheduled before we went on vacation, but it was good to have something to do that wasn’t contingent on the weather.

If you can’t take a full spa day, you can always go to the local salon and get a pedicure. Sitting in that chair will stop you from thinking about the weather completely.

Go out to eat.
We have the funniest photo from us trying to sit on the deck of Salty Dog even though there’s a storm around us. It was pretty romantic, in a way. It was also a little too much, so we ended up moving to a different one of the restaurant’s decks. We were still outside, but under an awning instead of an umbrella with holes.

If you were planning on eating out anyway, go out on the days it’s raining and then cook in the hotel or campsite the days it’s sunny.

Find a mall.
If it’s really bad, go shopping. I wouldn’t recommend any outdoor markets, but a large mall is a good idea. You can go window shopping or pick up souvenirs. Our local mall has a play area, so if you have kids, there’s something to do. It also has glow mini golf, so that can kill an afternoon.

My local mall in New York has four floors with an ice rink, a movie theater, a huge rope climb course, an escape room for kids, a carousel, and a ferries wheel. Plus, it has stores. You can spend the entire day there and absolutely forget that it’s raining.

Walk on the beach.
If you’re already at the beach, you might as well soak it in. If it’s thundering and lightning, stay indoors, but if it’s a light drizzle, go ahead and walk on the sand. Take an umbrella if it’s bad out, or go with a hoodie if it’s okay.

If the weather is bad, don’t go swimming. That’s so dangerous. But if there’s only a light rain, what the heck. You’re gonna get wet anyway.

What other activities would you suggest if it rains on your beach vacation?

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  1. You are so much more relaxed about this than I am. We have begun relying on cruise vacations because when bad weather hits, they have always gone around the bad weather. Our ports might change, but, the weather is good! Good for you! I am glad you didn’t feel like it was a loss of a week!

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