The Doctor Is In

I have three fun facts for you about Dr Pepper.

One) There is no period after the “r” in Dr — yup, like that.

Two) The Dr Pepper Chinese Democracy promo was a bigger flop than the album.

Three) You can get a free Diet Dr Pepper coupon today by going to

Now, if you refer to fact two, you’ll know what a headache it was last time Dr Pepper tried to give away these coupons. You’ll also know that — sans yours truly — Chuck Klosterman is the greatest writer of modern time. But, this time, the Web site is up and running and I got an immediate confirmation. I don’t know if I’ll get my coupon in a few weeks, but I’ll find out soon enough.

You can request a coupon for either of 20oz or a two-liter, but if you’re taking my advice, go with the two-liter. You’ll get more soda that way. And more of a free thing, most times, is a better thing.