Tasty Thursdays Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Edition: My Cup Of Cake

cake1It was a few years ago when I first heard of the cake in a cup recipe. Yes, it’s exactly how it sounds. You bake a cake, in a cup, in a microwave.

Blasphemy, I said.

And I left it alone. I didn’t think about it again until I stumbled over My Cup Of Cake.

My Cup of Cake is seriously one of the best things ever. You order a box and that contains all the necessary ingredients to make a souffle cake for two. Start to finish, it will take you under five minutes, meaning it’s one of the few things that will take you longer to eat than cook.

And you can totally pretend you slaved over this when you have guests. Just tell them you pre-baked it before they came over. No one needs to know you just popped it in the microwave.

What You’ll Need:


All the ingredients that you need come in the box. There’s a cup (more on that cup later), instructions, a pack of oil, a pack of mix, and there should be a smaller cup for water (not pictured).

This is all you’ll need for the Belgian Chocolate souffle cake. If you choose the salted caramel, your box will also contain two sticks of caramel (small aside: I took a photo of those but it looks like hot dogs instead of caramel sticks so I left it off the post).

What You’ll Do:


Pour 1/3 cup water into the provided cup.


Add the oil.


Add the mix.





Eat and enjoy.

Seriously. That’s it.

You can top it with ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate shavings, or just eat it plain.

The cake was actually really good too. We ate it immediately, which may not have been the best idea because the chocolate chips inside held the heat, but other than that it was great. It was a rich chocolate cake made in my microwave.

You could bake it in the oven for more of a souffle feel, but I like the¬†instantaneous cooking from the microwave (which is ironic because I general¬†don’t microwave anything).

And you can keep the cake later because it’s a reusable ceramic mug. So if you want more cup of cake, you can order a refill. Or, if you just want a mug for tea, you can use this too. The cup has a really wide mouth and a great hand feel. It bowls out, if you will, and fits perfectly into your hand. I love it. It’s actually my favorite mug right now. And yes, I’m allowed to say that because I drink tea daily and we don’t use plastic cups in this house ever for anything. So I do use mugs all the time but never until this mug was there one I really liked because of how it was crafted.

My Cup of Cake doesn’t just sell cakes. The brand also sells an edible choc-board. I actually have one in my cabinet right now, but that’s a review that’s coming later. But, seriously, it’s the best concept. You write on the chocolate and you pour sugar over it to show the words. You can use them as secret notes, save the date cards, and more. Check out this video to see how awesome this is.

Drugstore Divas received this product for the sake of the review. All thoughts and opinions are mine, except for the video, which belongs to the company.


  1. Cj says:

    OH MY HECK! I LOVE cake! This is so so so cool! Thanks for sharing I had never heard of such a thing. Awesome!

  2. Irina says:

    Wow that was easy.. My hub would love this.. Thank you

  3. That sounds so delicious and easy!

  4. kimie says:

    NOW I WANT CAKE!! This is evil and i want one…or three!

  5. mallory panchelli says:

    This is my type of baking!!! I love the idea of it and
    Its a product I would buy :-)

  6. Autumn Banks says:

    WOW! This sounds wonderful! I’m also super excited to hear about the choc-board! That sounds interestingly YUMMY!

  7. Julie Mcwethy says:

    That looks amazing, I want one!

  8. Susan says:

    A few years ago my daughter came home all too excited. She couldn’t wait to show me what she had learned in her cooking class. She got out all the ingredients and a cup and began on her merry way. When she was done, she presented me with a cake in a cup. I thought it was superb. It was easy and is very satisfying if you want just a tad bit of cake. This product you’ve reviewed, would make a great gift – especially for someone who lives alone.

  9. abby hewes says:

    This would be such a great gift for my sweet friend who loves cake and swears that she “cannot cook”, but she can microwave stuff. I’m def pinning this!!

  10. Rhonda K says:

    This sounds so SWEET! This would be great for all my family members that can not cook! I would love it for a late night snack, when I don’t want to bake of course! I love it!

  11. This would be perfect for my parents! My Mom has complained that she would love to bake a cake, but it’s just her and my Dad and so much of it would go to waste! This is answer to her problem! I also like this idea for when you just need something sweet and yummy and do not want to make a huge mess in the kitchen!

  12. I think you mean it will take longer to cook than to eat, right? Because I know I would wolf that down in less than five minutes.

    Man, that looks delicious! And I love the idea of the choc-board, too. Pinned and shared!

    — Laura @ Frugal Follies

  13. Heidi Gray says:

    That is the perfect idea for single people, elderly people that don’t eat a lot or even families!!

  14. Vicki F. says:

    This is super! I can’t wait to try it…I love the fact that everything you need is in the box. What a great gift idea!

  15. Kathy T says:

    What a cute idea.. I am a teacher and I would love to get this from a student

  16. Candace says:

    Oh my goodness this sounds amazing! I’m contemplating buying two for a valentines day treat :)

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