Tasty Thursday: Wholly Guacamole

Hello. I’m Lisa. And I’m a guacaholic.

I love guac …partially because it’s the only thing I can cook. And sure, someone might turn around and say it’s not cooking because I don’t actually “cook” anything, merely put things together. But tomayto, tomaaaato, right?

If I’m going out for Mexican, I have to have guac. Like the time my brother and I went out to Mexican in the City and got a trio of guac. One had pomegranate and, well, I’m getting off tangent.

I would make guac daily, but let’s be honest: avocados are expensive. Less expensive … Wholly Guacamole. And before you get on a high horse about stuff you making at home being better because of less preservatives and blah blah blah, Wholly Guac actually boasts an ingredient list you can understand. There’s no polysorbate this or high fructose that. It’s really all natural, which makes me feel good about eating it.

And eat it I did. I received a cooler filled with guac — and guac’s bffs: queso and salsa. I received the cooler the day before my parents’ anniversary. On their anniversary, Pete and I decided to make a six-inch meatball [[loooooooooong inside joke]]. Well, we needed some sort of app. Wholly Guac it was.

We opened the spicy one first, and it was fantastic. It was definitely spicy, right in the back of your throat. At least, everyone but my mom thought so. It had a bit of a kick, and she just couldn’t take it. So, after inhaling the pack, we opened the queso. I brought my mom the bowl with a few chips. Is it spicy? she asked. I told her no. She was hesitant to try it. But after one bite, she actually hoarded the bowl. No one got any more. And no one went into the plastic Queso Blanco package. Nope, that’s hers. She loved it that much.

A few days later, we had tacos for dinner, and that’s when the Wholly Salsa made it’s debut. After the guac and cheese being so good, we had high hopes, but it was the least fave of the three. It was really watery, and I like my salsa a bit drier. It wasn’t bad — just not the one we’ll keep running too.

That’s the guac, for sure. But, what Wholly Guac has done, which is awesome, is that it now sells 100 calorie packs. Avocados are good for you, but they’re high in [[good]] fat. So, to save yourself from going overboard, this counts your calories for you.

Mmm. Now I wanna have some guac. You too? Well, lucky you. One lucky winner will win a cooler just like mine [[which came with five packs of guac, two salsas, one queso, and some odds and ends]]. The giveaway starts now and ends at 11:59pm ET on November 10, 2011.

So, click the “read more” link and you’ll see the Rafflecopter to enter. Good luck!