Sun Frog Shirts: People Disappoint Pizza Is Eternal Shirt For $19.95

pizza shirtPete loves pizza, and his birthday was yesterday, so I really should have posted this funny pizza shirt yesterday instead of today. Oh well, it’s a belated post (or a whole year early).

If you like pizza, you’ll love this People Disappoint Pizza Is Eternal shirt for $19.95 on Sun Frog Shirts. If you look close, you can see that “pizza” is actually written with a pepperoni pizza looking coloring. I love it. The shirt comes in men’s sizes S to 3X in white, yellow, and blue; it’s comes in women’s sizes S to 3X in white, yellow, and blue. And if you prefer your pizza when it’s cold, you can get it as a hoodie for $39.95. It comes in S to 3X in white or blue.

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