Kmart, Sears: Possible Free Surprise Points Means Free Clothes

free clothesCheck your Shop Your Way accounts. I just looked at mine and I have $7 to spend on clothing at Kmart between now and January 15 and $7 to spend on clothes at Sears by January 20.  Choose an item for $7 or under, and you can get free clothes. Sounds like a new free work out top for your New Year’s resolution.

There are a bunch of items on sale because of the change of season, so you can definitely get a good deal. Did you get these? My mom didn’t, but Pete did, so not everyone is able to get free clothes. But if you are, head over to Kmart’s website or Sears’ site and see what you can pick up. If you’re lucky enough to live close to a Kmart, choose in store pickup and you don’t have to pay for shipping.

If you’re not a Shop Your Way member, join here for free. It’s Kmart and Sears’ free loyalty program. You’ll earn points on your purchases, plus get bonus point offers, exclusive coupons, and more. All your purchases at Kmart and Sears, online and in store too, will earn you points. You can use those points on future purchases. Every 1,000 points is $1. Each month, any Shop Your Way member with a personal shopper will also be awarded bonus points. That’s free money! Get yours by joining here so I can be your personal shopper — for free.