September 9th Is National Care Bears #ShareYourCare Day

#shareyourcareToday (September 9) is the National Care Bears #ShareYourCare Day. Honestly, I was so excited when I heard about this. I absolutely love my Care Bear, so anything having to do with them gets me on board.

But then I found out what #ShareYourCare Day actually is. It’s a day to encourage people to just be nicer. I mean, who can’t get behind that? It’s to encourage your child to share a snack with a friend, help a neighbor carry groceries, help mom and dad cook dinner. Whatever your child can do that’s compassionate is what should be encouraged. But what a lesson for adults too. So often we are ready to tear each other down — on social media, in our own homes, even on the couch while watching TV. Wouldn’t it be nice for us to just be nicer.

Take inspiration from this year’s Care Bears Kid Ambassador, 13-year-old Jessica Carscadden and her mission to help kids in “unBEARable” situations via We Care Bears Project. Donated bears are given and kept in firetrucks, police cars, and ambulances and given to kids who are scared. Sounds like the perfect campaign for the Care Bears. Today, the brand is donating 500 Care Bears with Jessica.

You can take the #CareALotChallenge and your story with the hashtag #ShareYourCare. Hopefully today will motivate you to share some caring all year round.