The Tom And Jerry Show Season 1 Part 2: Funny Side Up Movie Review

Warner Bros. provided The Tom And Jerry Show Season 1 Part 2: Funny Side Up to Drugstore Divas for this review. All thoughts and opinions belong to Drugstore Divas.

tom and jerry showI was on the phone with Pete last night. “It’s 1:30 in the morning and I’m watching Tom and Jerry,” I told him.

“It’s violent, with them all hitting each other with hammers and stuff,” he said.

“No,” I said. “That’s Itchy and Scratchy.” And then I thought about it. “Actually,” I added, “The cat just did put a little mouse in the microwave. Not Jerry, but another mouse.” (The other mouse, by the way, was Jerry’s nephew Tuffy).

“See!” he said. “It is violent.”

It’s true. I wasn’t making that scene up. It’s actually part of “Tuffy Love” one of the episodes on The Tom And Jerry Show Season 1 Part 2: Funny Side Up DVD that was released on DVD earlier this week. The Tom And Jerry Show is a remake of the famous cartoon Tom And Jerry (which, after a quick search on Wikipedia, has had a ton of revivals over the years). This rendition of the cat and mouse duo airs on the Cartoon Network. Season 1 is 26 episodes, split over two DVD’s. Each has 13 episodes, with two cartoon shorts in each.

The majority of the cartoons are short on dialog, which is good for young viewers. The animation tells the story and there’s no much time wasted with chatting. The exception are the capers featuring “The Cat and Mouse Detectives.” My favorite was “Poof!” It was actually the second half of the episode where Tuffy was stuffed in the microwave. In Poof, Tom and Jerry are hired as detectives to figure out what happened to a rabbit magician’s pigeon friend.

See, the rabbit was a terrible magician (and everyone told him so) and the only one who was supportive at all was his new pigeon friend. When he asked for a volunteer for a disappearing act, the pigeon was an obvious choice. He made him disappear … but then needed Tom and Jerry to help him find the pigeon.

Spoiler alert here: The pigeon is found. The rabbit talks about how everyone is right, he’s the worst magician. And the pigeon says no, he’s so great and can make all the naysayers disappear. How? By not listening to them. Ignoring them and their negative comments makes them go away. It was such a good lesson, especially for little kids. I really liked that episode, but it wasn’t without its own violence (Jerry does pull a heavy sword, which he can’t hang on to, and it flings back to hit Tom in the foot).

The DVD isn’t rated, which caused me to worry just a little because some of the high jinks can be a little violent for really young kids. If you do have pre-school age children, I would definitely screen this before letting them watch. That way you can be sure the slapstick comedy in that episode is appropriate for them (and I know, maybe that’s me being a little overprotective, but I think it’s worth mentioning).

Did you watch Tom and Jerry growing up? If you want to purchase this for your kids, check out The Tom And Jerry Show Season 1 Part 2: Funny Side Up DVD on Amazon.