Looney Tunes Musical Masterpieces Movie Review

Drugstore Divas received this DVD for this Looney Tunes Musical Masterpieces movie review. All thoughts and opinions belong to Drugstore Divas.

looney tunes musical masterpiecesI remember a long time ago, one of our television channels changed to the another channel. And dancing on our screen after the change was Michigan J. Frog. I had no idea who he was before that, but I loved him with his cane and top hat singing, “Hello my baby; hello my darling; hello my ragtime gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal.” So when we were watching Looney Tunes Musical Masterpieces for review, I was wondering just how long it would take before I heard that song.

It was 16 minutes (into the 133 minute DVD).

I’m not sure why I expected the DVD to be all singing. Musical masterpieces are more than just vocals, but I didn’t think about that until I turned it on and realized the lack of dialogue in the beginning episode: A Corny Concerto. There was a lot of music, though, as the name would imply. Music tells the story, in many cases, just as much as the images on the screen. Dialogue isn’t always needed.

That’s good because your kids will actually have to sit and watch this to follow the story. They can’t have it on and listen, but play on their tablets, and expect to keep up. So your kids will actually be watching the movie, which is what you want if you buy a DVD. You want it to be the focus, not just background noise. 

There are 18 cartoons on the DVD. It’s a collection of memorable cartoons, so nothing new on the DVD, but it is the first time they’re all together.

A Corny Concerto
Rabbit of Seville
One Froggy Evening
Rhapsody Rabbit
What’s Opera, Doc?
Hillbilly Hare
Pizzicato Pussycat
Nelly’s Folly
I Love to Singa
Page Miss Glory
Katnip Kollege
High Note
Pigs in a Polka
Three Little Bops
Rhapsody in Rivets
Back Alley Oproar
Holiday Shoestrings
Lights Fantastic

Would you watch this with your kids?