Java Joe’s

coffeeStarbucks has convinced the general public that paying a ridiculous price for an unpronounceable drink is totally acceptable. I don’t buy into that — even if the Seattle-based money thieves have a salted caramel signature hot chocolate that is worth every penny I used from my mom’s gift card (thanks to some little pre-schooler’s parent from my taste bud).

For you who need to get your java fix, but don’t wanna open your wallet, Panera Bread is at your rescue. On Wednesday(January 28), you can get a free cup of coffee and tasty samples of its “new offerings” all day at your local Panera. Now, truth be told, the word “tasty” was added in as poetic licensing. “New offerings” however, comes straight from the horse’s mouth — in this case, the Web site. I don’t know Panera well enough to know what is new and what is old, but if they try to serve you French Onion soup — which Mallory says is “the best” — then that’s old.

The Doctor Is In

I have three fun facts for you about Dr Pepper.

One) There is no period after the “r” in Dr — yup, like that.

Two) The Dr Pepper Chinese Democracy promo was a bigger flop than the album.

Three) You can get a free Diet Dr Pepper coupon today by going to

Now, if you refer to fact two, you’ll know what a headache it was last time Dr Pepper tried to give away these coupons. You’ll also know that — sans yours truly — Chuck Klosterman is the greatest writer of modern time. But, this time, the Web site is up and running and I got an immediate confirmation. I don’t know if I’ll get my coupon in a few weeks, but I’ll find out soon enough.

You can request a coupon for either of 20oz or a two-liter, but if you’re taking my advice, go with the two-liter. You’ll get more soda that way. And more of a free thing, most times, is a better thing.

Drugstore Divas’ Supermarket Social

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Drugstore Divas

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Drugstore Divas
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Drugstore Divas

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The Cents’Able Shoppin’

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Coupon Alert: Coppertone Sunscreen Products

$2.00 off any one Coppertone ProductDon’t get burned this summer. There are two new Coppertone coupons available to print. As always, click the links below to print the coupons you want.

Speaking of Coppertone, be sure to check out the DIY Sunscreen Bar that I made using Coppertone products. I made it for a wedding, but this would be perfect for any summer parties you’re having this year. Also, it’s always good to just have sunscreen around. The last thing you need this summer is a sunburn.

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