Outback: I Went Eating

Remember that Outback coupon? Well, it says that it’s expiring on October 27.

But if you remember, Maria told us that it’s good until October 31.
I couldn’t wait til Halloween to use mine. I decided to use it over the weekend. I wasn’t expecting much from the steak because I don’t eat steak. Ever. But, free is the best time to try anything.
So Pete and I went to Outback, ordered a chicken flatbread as an app [[it was basically some sauce and chicken on a tortilla … nothing I’d need to eat again]]. And then over came the steak with a baked sweet potato.
The steak was actually really good. Maybe I don’t know better because I don’t eat steak, or maybe it’s just that free is the best sauce for any food, but I actually quite liked it. And the sweet potato was nice too … and free, yup, free 6 oz steak and a side.
We ended up splitting it because we’re little people, but actually, it was pretty filling. And a $6 dinner. Not bad Outback, not bad.
If you have your coupon, don’t forget to use it. You do have a few days left to use it, but not too many, so don’t forget about this.