Money Saving Tips For Traveling

Traveling doesn't have to be expensive. Get these Money Saving Tips For Traveling on and start planning your next trip.Going on vacation can cost you a lot of money. That’s why most people can’t live on vacation. You can only take one or two a year, three if you’re incredibly lucky. When you get on your trip, you can still save a little as well. We have a few money saving tips for traveling. Follow these and who knows, you may be the lucky one who gets three vacations this year.

Money Saving Tips for Traveling

Take public transportation whenever possible.
Whenever we travel to Japan, we reply completely on public transportation. We use the rail and subway system to get around. It’s incredible there. The trains are always on time, clean, and organized. It’s just mind blowing to see how it works and how everyone who takes public transportation is so orderly. No one pushes and no gets left behind.

Also, traveling that way is so much cheaper than trying to stick everyone into a taxi. And easier too. Last time, we traveled with two dozen people. That would be a lot of cabs!

Some cities, like Las Vegas, have a daily pass for public transportation. A one-day bus pass will take you up and down the strip as many times as you want to travel. That’s a cheaper way to get around the casinos then taking a cab all day.

Bring your own GPS.
Most phones come with a GPS, but most rental cars don’t. In fact, a GPS is an upsell for rental companies. So save yourself some money and bring your own GPS. You can plug it into any car and find where you need to go.

In case you have a very new car with a GPS built in, you can always use the GPS on your phone instead. We actually have a post about how to use the GPS on your phone without data.

Carry your military, student, or senior ID.
There are so many places that will offer you a discount with either a military or student ID. It’s definitely worth asking too, if you have a valid ID.

If you’re a senior, there’s actually a senior discount card available that can help you save when you’re on vacation. You can learn about that at Life Of 2 Snowbirds.

Pack your own snacks.
I’m a big fan of snacking. I love to stop and grab a snack when I’m on vacation. But that can add up. So what I will do instead is purchase granola bars or loose nuts (and pack them in my own plastic bags), and put them in my purse before we head out for the day. Then, if I want a snack, I can reach in my purse instead of stopping into a store.

What are some other money saving tips for traveling that you know about?