Modell’s Black Friday Ad

I somehow always end up in Modell’s on Black Friday. I never intend to shop there but I always just end up there, looking at random sports stuff.

Are you planning on going to Modell’s?

Most Modell’s stores will be open at 6pm on Thanksgiving and will stay open until 1am on Black Friday. Stores will then be open 6am to 3pm on Black Friday.

Modell’s Thanksgiving Deals

  • Men’s & Women’s Champions Cotton Fleece or Men’s Adidas Cotton Fleece, 50% off
  • Timberland 6″ Classic Boots, $99.99
  • Timberland Wide Ledge, $64.99
  • Spalding NBA Rubber Replica Basketball, $10
  • Adidas Diablo Duffel Bag, $10

Modell’s Black Friday Deals

  • Russel Men’s Crew Neck Or Pant & All Women’s Fleece, $10
  • Men’s Under Armor Big Logo Hoodie, 50% off
  • Wilson Aggressor Basketball, $15
  • Wilson Adult Limited Edition Football, $15
  • Men’s NBA Dugout or Straight Up Tees, $10

Modell’s Black Friday & Saturday Deals

  • Select Men’s, Women’s, or Kids Nike Pro or Fleece Apparel, 25% off
  • Men’s Reebok Soft Shell Bonded Jacket, $25
  • Shock Athlete Yoga Mats, $10
  • Home & Away 2-Pack Team Zombie, $10
  • All Men’s Cargo Fleece, $15

Check out the full Modell’s Black Friday Ad.