Mail In Rebate: Finish Gelpacks

finishCheck your local stores for this brand new rebate.

A bunch of boxes of Finish Gelpacs in my local Lowes Foods had try me free rebates on them.

The pain in the neck thing about it (well, besides the fact that I actually bought these last night and my receipt is completely MIA) is that the rebate offer is up to $4.99.

At Lowes Foods, where I found the rebate, the packages are $5.79. Yes, it says $3.99 on the hangtag, but that was actually left over from a sale that ended in August.

The rebate is valid through the year, so you have time to find them and submit it.

Have you seen these anywhere?

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  1. Emily Adams says:

    I have also seen these at Meijer. I already sent in my rebate.

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