IfOnly’s Valentine’s Day Collection

ifonly.comWhat are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

For us, our plans are pretty low key. My mom is actually flying into town on Valentine’s Day to visit for a week. I’m super excited, but it means that we’ll be celebrating our first Valentine’s Day a little early. Our plan, actually, is to go to Pizza Putt. It’s actually, by far, the best thing we’ve done since we’ve moved here. The children’s museum in town closes down to the children, puts up nine holes of mini golf, and there’s pizza and beer at every hole. There are deserts and a band and you get to explore the museum with adults (who, by the end of the night, are pretty buzzed and acting like children). It’s a fundraiser for the museum itself and a pretty great one too. Last year was the first year we heard of Pizza Putt and we vowed to make it a tradition. It’s just a good coincidence it falls on the night before Valentine’s.

That’s how Valentine’s should be, if you ask me. It needs to be a memorable night with the person or people you love (if that’s a spouse, children, parents, girlfriends, whoever). No matter who you are spending Valentine’s with, you can find something at IfOnly.com. So the site, if you’re unfamiliar, is a members-only site (that is free to join) that offers unique and memorable experiences with top luminaries in the fields of food, wine, golf and more.

valentine's chocolates

These are not the experiences like a discounted round of golf. Rather, it’s a round of golf with NY Jets Center Nick Mangold at Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster, NJ. I’m not just using a lofty example to make a point. Click that link. It’s literally an item on the site. Want to spend the day with Boxing Legend Sugar Ray Leonard? You can do it if you can afford it.

Maybe a boxing legend isn’t a knockout for your significant other. No worries. That’s fine. It might not have that romantic feel to it. But all of the items in the Valentine’s Day Collection. There are Constellation Chocolate Collection boxes of chocolates, dinner reservations at restaurants like SPQR, and a chance to be married in a hot air balloon (which is pretty freaking romantic).

Take a look at the Valentine’s Day Collection at IfOnly.com and let me know what your favorite experience in the collection is.

  1. Dianna Thomas

    January 30, 2015 at 9:23 pm

    We don’t to much for Valentine’s Day,a card, sometimes flowers, sometimes candy, but I’m really not sure what if anything this year– My husband is disabled now and its getting a little tough doing anything for him– I’ll make breakfast in bed and cook him a nice dinner, and a card but thats really about it I’m sure

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