80+ Homemade Edible Christmas Gift Ideas

Edible gifts are perfect for holiday gift giving. Check out these 80+ Homemade Edible Christmas Gift Ideas from www.drugstoredivas.net.I love receiving edible Christmas gifts. I love getting something sweet, that someone made, that’s like a hug from that person every time I eat it. If someone knows me really well, they can get me a perfect gift (like the Pokemon socks that I got for my birthday this year). If I know you well enough, I’m gonna get you the perfect gift, the thing you need but didn’t know you needed until you open it. If I don’t know you that well, I’m gonna make you a treat.

If you’re looking for edible Christmas gift ideas for that person on your list who you don’t know that well — or maybe just for the foodie you love — this list is perfect for you. I split the list into two categories: sweets (edible Christmas gift ideas that are basically desserts) and treats (edible Christmas gift ideas that you wouldn’t have for dessert). These aren’t generic ideas that you can make and then throw into a container to bring to a neighbor’s. They’re all packaged in twine, mason jars, and the like so you actually have an idea on how to present them as well.

80+ Homemade Edible Christmas Gift Ideas



  1. Maria

    November 20, 2017 at 11:41 am

    So many wonderful ideas for homemade gifts that are just perfect for the upcoming holiday period. Thanks for putting this together and thanks for including my “pets de soeur” (aka farts of holy sisters) recipe :)

  2. Dawn - Girl Heart Food

    December 10, 2017 at 10:51 am

    Thanks for including me in this round up! So many great recipes and homemade gifts are always the best :) !

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