Home Depot: Sign Up For The Orange Insider And Get Coupons, Savings & More

Update: People were confused on how to sign up. Just click the photo above.

We were gone for about three weeks at the end of December/beginning of January, and three of our four plants died. Our aloe plant is still kicking, but I can’t say the same for the others.

So I’m super happy that I found Home Depot’s Orange Insider and there is a whole tab on gardening.

There’s also a tab on home improvement, covering everything from DIY to decor to doors.

And, there’s a whole section on Home Depot’s Do It Herself workshops. I attended a couple of them with one of my friends, and they’re amazing. They’re completely free and teach you how to do projects on your own.

You choose what you’re interested in and they’ll send you emails and coupons tailored to your selections. Love it. To sign up, just click the banner photo above.

So, let’s talk: What’s the last home improvement project you did?

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