The True Story Of Puss ‘N Boots Movie Review

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The True Story Of Puss 'N Boots movie review

When I think Puss ‘N Boots, I think Antonio Banderas. And when I think William Shatner, I think Priceline.

Change those sentences around, and you’ve got this movie. No, Antonio is not doing Priceline now, Shatner is the title character in Phase 4 Film’s The True Story of Puss ‘N Boots.

When the Japanese girl was living out my house, we put this on. She was looking for subtitles because English is her second language, but there were none. There was an option to watch this in French, but that wasn’t gonna help out anyone.

So English it was.

The graphics were gorgeous, but the story was pretty much lost on her. She didn’t understand what this cat in red boots up to, why a frog kept eating things, and why there was a lot of lying going on. She also commented that Shatner’s Puss sounded like he had a cold. I guess that’s his French accent? But, she thought it was pretty to look at.

And I kinda imagine that’s what your child might think watching this. It’s a little fast and hard to follow. Even for me, and I’m an English speaker in a double-digit age. But it’s so nice to look at that it draws you in anyway. I mean, it’s gorgeous. It’s a mix of cartoons and Pixar animation, and that doesn’t do it any justice. It’s just so incredible eye appealing. You don’t even need to understand the story to fall in love with the animation.

I mean, even my dad happened to walk by and sat down to watch for a little. It’s that gravitational.

I was planning on giving it to my mom to take to the preschool where she works except there is a scene where Puss’ owner comes out of a river and he’s naked (save for a hat) so that part isn’t exactly appropriate for children. I mean, it might be for your kids, but it isn’t something my mom could bring to school. And the moral of the story kinda is that lying and stealing pays off (although it is dubbed “cunning wit” in the description of the movie), so I’m not sure how you want to approach that with your children.

But I guess this is the real story? I don’t know. I honestly didn’t know the true plot line at all, but this one was pretty good. Once you could follow it and piece it together.