Dolphin Tale 2 Movie Review

Drugstore Divas received these movies from Warner Brothers for this Dolphin Tale 2 movie review. Jennifer reviewed these movies for Drugstore Divas. All thoughts and opinions belong to her.

dolphin tale 2

Watching movies as a family is something we love to do! However we have discovered as the kids grow older it’s hard to find one all three kids can agree upon. We had watched Dolphin Tale and all three kids loved it. We rented it at Redbox with freebie codes a couple of times and at the library. When the kids saw the previews for Dolphin Tale 2, they couldn’t wait to see what happened to Winter in Dolphin Tale 2.

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Not familiar with Dolphin Tale? It’s based on the true story of the dolphin Winter who is found by Sawyer. When Sawyer finds Winter, she is severely injured and Winter’s tail is not able to be saved.  It’s amazing to see how she is fit with a prosthetic fin and her spirit seems to come back to life.  As a parent, I love that I did not have to worry about anything inappropriate for the kids. This is such a great family movie, and all five of us enjoyed the movie. Plus, right now, you can pick up Dolphin Tale for Christmas. The movie stars Harry Connick Jr. and Morgan Freeman, and they are both amazing in this movie!

Personally, I always get nervous that the sequel will not live up to the first one or will ruin the first one for me. Dolphin Tale 2 starts off a bit sad compared to how Dolphin Tale ended. Winter has lost her mate and a new dolphin is found. Everyone is hopeful that Mandy (the new dolphin, named for the little girl who found her) will be a great mate. During this time, a beautiful sea turtle is also found.

The hospital become an aquarium/marine hospital and watching the rehab of these animals brought a lot of questions on for my kids, plus they all cheered when Mandy and the turtle were released!  Next came the wait for either Winter to be sent somewhere else or for a new mate to be found! During a going away party for Sawyer, a call comes in that a female baby dolphin named Hope has been rescued. I will leave the reviews of Dolphin Tale 2 at that, but will say that the ending is amazing!

Each of my kids picked their favorite parts of Dolphin Tale 2 and it was neat to see how each one picked something different.

Kylie, the 9 year old:

When …

  • Mandy the dolphin was released.
  • Hope went crazy in the tank.
  • Sawyer and Hazel played in the tank with Winter without asking.

Michael, the 7 year old:

When …

  • The bird kept trying to chase the turtle while being released.
  • The bird kept trying to get into the hospital.
  • Winter got a new prosthetic fin.

Bella, the 5 year old:

When …

  • Sawyer got whacked in the face.
  • Hope was taken out of the truck.
  • They released Mandy back in.

dolphin tale-1

As a mom I loved that this was literally a perfect family movie for my kids. All five of us were able to sit and enjoy the movie. I didn’t have to worry about anything inappropriate to fast forward through or have to explain. We also loved at the end where they showed kids with prosthetic who were able to come and see Winter and touch hers. The kids also loved that they could watch the real life releases and video since this movie is based on a true story.

You can purchase Dolphin Tale 2 on Amazon.

Have you seen either Dolphin Tale or Dolphin Tale 2? What were your favorite parts?