DIY Snowman Snack Mix

Pack a sweet lunch treat when you pack this DIY Snowman Snack Mix from It's perfect for neighbors' gifts too.I love cute holiday craft ideas. There’s something fun about putting the together and then giving them out to your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. What I like even better is when you can actually put things together in bulk. You’re giving each person an individual gift, but you’re not spending a ton of money on each person. You’re spending as a whole, then dividing it. That’s why this DIY Snowman Snack Mix project is perfect.

You can change the ingredients to add your favorite items instead of the ones listed. Or add the favorites of the person you’re giving this too and make it a bit more personal.

You’ll want to put together a tag for this too. You can design one online or you can have your kids draw one.

DIY Snowman Snack Mix

What You’ll Need:

What You’ll Do:

  • Add a handful of marshmallows, pretzel sticks, chocolate chips, almonds, and goji berries into a plastic bag.
  • Gently shake the bag to mix everything together.
  • Seal the bag.
  • Add a gift label.
  • Fold and staple the label to the top of each sealed bag.
  • Add your recipient and your names.

Thanks to Abe’s Market for making this DIY Snowman Snack Mix for us.