Reasons To Fill Up Your Car Before A Storm

If a storm is coming, be sure to fill up your car before a storm. Find out why at October, we were gearing up for Hurricane Matthew. I had never been in a hurricane zone before, so I was doing my best to make sure we were prepared — especially since we were having company that weekend. I made a hurricane preparedness checklist, figured out meals you can make in a storm, and more. After that experience, I felt really prepared for the storms this week … until someone told us to fill up our cars with gas before the storm. So. Smart. So I’m telling you: fill up your car before a storm.

Reasons To Fill Up Your Car Before A Storm

With these big storms — hurricane, tropical storms, and the like — you usually get a warning. If you’re in the storm’s path, there is a lot you need to do to prepare. You need to stock up on food, create an evacuation plan … potentially evacuate.

If you’re not in the path, though, you may still be affected by it.

Last year, during Matthew, because of the debris and damage, it was really difficult for anyone to get to our area. And that included tankers filled with gas. Our gas was very limited, and gas stations were running out of gas. So of course, prices went up.

This storm, Irma, dropped tons of water on us, but nothing like Harvey dropped on Texas. We were prepared, though, and made sure to fill up our gas before the storm. Not because we were worried about not being accessible like last time, but because tankers may not have been able to travel out of Texas. And a shortage would drive up prices.

So keep this in mind: Next time there’s a weather situation coming, fill up your car before a storm, while you’re out getting your milk and break.

  1. vickie couturier

    September 4, 2017 at 1:16 pm

    good information,,gas prices have gone up 30 cents since the storm

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