Domino’s: Get Free Pizza For A Year & Other Offers (Sign Up To Find Out When)

Free Pizza For A YearI love this Domino’s offer. It makes for a really cheap (and easy) dinner. You can get free Domino’s gift cards sometime between now and February 27. Domino’s is giving away over 37,000 prizes. The fastest person gets free pizza for a year (in the form of $500 worth of gift cards); the second fastest gets a $100 Domino’s Pizza e-gift card; third gets a $50 Domino’s Pizza e-gift card; and the fourth to the 2003rd fastest person gets a $10 Domino’s Pizza promotion e-gift card; 2,004th to 17,003rd fastest person: $5 Domino’s Pizza promotion e-gift card; and 17,004th to 37,003rd fastest person: $4 Domino’s Pizza promotion e-gift card.

If you sign up here for advanced notice of the promotion, you’ll get a two minute heads up about when the giveaway goes live (that’s my gift to you). If you have friends sign up, you’ll get an additional two minute heads up. It’s not that you’ll get to try and get a gift card before everyone, but you’ll get a heads up on when the giveaway is going live. Then, everyone gets a text when the promotion is live and the speedier you are, the better your prize.

The text will be sent to you with a link to click. When you click it, it will tell you how many people you were faster than, and it will tell you your prize. You’ll be able to have the e-gift card sent to you via text or email. I always get it via email (in case I accidentally delete the text). I’m always able to use it online, and of course, I choose a night I don’t feel like cooking!

I’ve been getting a bit of notice each time and I’ve been posting in our coupon group on Facebook, so be sure to join our group.

Do you think you’ll have the fastest fingers to win free pizza for a year?