5 Ways To Conserve When You’re In A Hotel

If you're going on vacation soon, you can still think about the earth. Find out 5 Ways To Conserve When You're In A Hotel from www.drugstoredivas.net.When you stay in a hotel, there’s a tendency to leave the lights on and have your linens washed daily. You don’t live there, so you’re not paying the electric bill every month. And that means you may not actually be thinking about it. When you go away, though, you still should be thinking of the environment. I always do. There are ways to conserve when you’re in a hotel that you may not even think about … but you will after reading this post!

5 Ways To Conserve When You’re In A Hotel

1. Turn off the lights.
This is an easy one. When you leave your hotel room, turn off the lights behind you. I don’t know why people don’t do this, but I’ve often come into hotel rooms where the lights have been left on while we’ve been out.

Maybe you have your reasons to, but if you’re thinking about conserving electricity, you’ll want to turn them off. And if you’re only on one side of the room, maybe only use one desk lamp. You might not need all of them on.

2. Don’t have your linens washed every day.
Be honest: How often do you wash your bedsheets? You probably make your bed every day, but I highly doubt you are washing your sheets every night. So why do you need them washed every day when you’re in a hotel? You don’t, but it feels like a luxury.

There are hotels that will actually incentivize not having your linens changed. The last hotel we stayed at offered us a resort credit for food or drinks if we didn’t have our sheet washed. So if you’re cheap like me, and you don’t mind sleeping in the same sheets a few times, you can get a treat on the house — and save a bunch of water in the process.

3. Use one trash can.
Housekeeping is great. The staff will come in and clean up after you. They’ll do a great job too. Like, if you only have one bottle cap in your trash can, the staff will come in, tie up that bag, take it out, and replace it with a new bag. What a waste of plastic!

Instead, use only one garbage. Decide if you’re going to use the one in the room or in the bathroom. Then, when the staff comes to clean your room, they’ll only take one garbage out and you’ll save a bag of plastic.

4. Be conscious of the thermostat.
If you’re going to be out all day, vacationing and exploring the city, you don’t need to have the air conditioning on. You’re cooling the room down for no one. Same goes for the heat in the winter. If you turn it off when you aren’t in the room, you will save a bunch of electricity.

5. Reuse your towels.
When you first walk in the hotel room, the towels are always folded so nicely. And there are always an abundance of them. You could use a different towel ever time you washed your hands if you wanted. But do you need to?

Instead, reuse your hand towel. If you take a second shower, use your same towel.
The hotel staff will come in, collect the ones off the floor, and replace the ones that aren’t folded so nicely. The ones that aren’t used don’t get washed, and that saved water will add up over time.

What other methods do you have to conserve when you’re in a hotel?